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Based on feedback from sharks and a week of operation, we want to clarify how the new Individual Player Discussion (IPD) forums will be used.

In an effort to try to keep the main tank less cluttered and to preserve the vast amount of knowledge that can be found in the hundreds (if not thousands) of individual player posts, there has been a set of new forums created all under the heading of Individual Player Discussions (IPD). Under that main forum there are 4 sub forums for Quarterbacks, Tight Ends, Running Backs and Wide Receivers.

A link to the new forum is here:

The QB, RB, WR, and TE sub forums are set up so only mods can create new subjects in the sub forums (e.g. add new players).

In the parent "Individual Player Discussion" forum, members are able to create new topics or request player threads that don't already exist. A mod can then move that thread into, or create a new thread in the appropriate sub forum.

Each of the sub forums is sorted by most recent post first. If you are looking for a specific player thread, the sort order can be changed at the bottom of the thread list to by subject (i.e. player name -- last name, first name).

The intent of these new sub forums is not to eliminate individual player threads from the Main Tank. Rather, it is intended to be an archive of these posts. In the Main Tank, there often are a large number of separate threads on a single player, but they tend to fall off the first page and then a new thread is created. There is a ton of valuable information in those older threads, but for the most part, they become lost in the sea of old threads. While the search function is the preferred method for pulling them back to the front page, reality is that this does not happen as often as we would like.

So the way that we will implement these new forums is as follows:

1. Breaking news, injury posts, and general discussion of individual players will continue to posted in the Main Tank.

2. Once an individual player thread falls off the first page, a mod will merge it into the corresponding IPD thread in the IPD forums, preventing it from drifting off in the back pages of Main.

Everyone is also encouraged to use the IPD threads directly and post in them.

Please continue to post WSIS, TRADE, WAIVER, and DRAFT question in their appropriate forums.

The first post in each of the player pages looks like this (This is Derek Anderson):

StoneCutter wrote:This thread is intended for individual player discussion.

Breaking news or injury status may still be posted in the Main Tank, but will be merged into these threads after sufficient time has passed. Mods will update the thread title to include these breaking reports as soon as they can. To aid in letting us know when this occurs, please use the report function to alert us when an update needs to be made.

Please continue to post WSIS, TRADE, WAIVER, and DRAFT question in their appropriate forums.

For additional news, stats, and projections on this player, please see his Fantasy Sharks Player Page.

NEW THREADS about individual players will be merged into the respective player threads so as not to disrupt first post continuity

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