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Returning players have all been assigned their leagues and claimed their teams. We are now opening it up for expansion. First things first:

Go read the rules! ... _Rules.htm

Next, getting a team is easy. I will list leagues that are not yet full and have teams that need owners marked "open". To claim one, simply log in as an "open" team using the password: sharks12

THEN - change your password, if you are too slow and someone grabs your team before you get that done, you lose it, so do that first! DO NOT SHOP FOR DRAFT POSITION - as that will be reset once a league is full and then notices will be sent. AND REMEMBER TO PUT IN AN UPDATED EMAIL!

Drafting will start August 16.

As these leagues fill I will open up more, we can go as high as 32 Tigers, last year we had 16, and leagues 1-11 are completely empty, so we have slots to fill!

REMEMBER, leagues are open to registered members of only, so if you have not registered go do that. You can name your team whatever you like, but please in the owner section list your registered name so we know who is who and where! Failure to do so could result in expulsion, as that is our only way of verifying that you are in fact a registered member of the site.

Then familiarize yourself with the workings of, there is lots of information around the forums on the ins and outs of our host site. Take the time to figure out the pre-drafter too, it is very helpful, allows for round-by-round pre-selections, makes the drafts go smoother, and keeps your league mates happy. And remember, the pace is slower than many are used to (a week plus is not unheard of), but we will get the drafts done, fear not! And learn to enjoy the pace as something fun and different! Congrats returning players, welcome new participants, good luck to all, and, as always, may all your first rounders stay healthy!

(and one final note, please avoid posting in this thread, it tends to clutter the message and I need this info to stay at the top as I am constantly adding leagues - thanks!)

Remember, draft order will be reset.

Here are the leagues with available teams! I will close them out as they fill, and insert more:

Tiger 17 FULL

Tiger 18 FULL

Tiger 19 FULL


Tiger 20 FULL

We got the first 18 filled, which will mean 18 Tigers are up and running and now we'll start on Tigers 19-32 as needed. After drafts start Monday, sometime Monday evening, I will open two more leagues. These leagues are for players who completely missed out, so please do not grab a second if you already have a shark team! These drafts will start 9:00 am Eastern the next morning after they fill. They are currently set for Thursday am, but that will change depending on how fast they fill! We might not get both filled so PLEASE fill one before starting on the other. I do not think I will be able to open anymore, so this is it barring an overwhelming showing of interest.

Thanks for all your help too, veterans, it really makes it easier when people jump in and answer questions before I even have to!

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one more league please :)
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dadiomojo wrote:one more league please :)

See viewtopic.php?f=15&t=237960

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one more?????? please?
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one more. please

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