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I should post my prediction here so it is in an un-edited post :D

Lions - 10-6
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Giants 9-7, wish I could convince myself to make it 10 and 6, but their preseason performance was just ehhh. We'll see ...500 sands would be nice, but my team making it back into the SuperBowl by some miracle would be even better!
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I think the defense will be improved but the schedule is pretty tough, especially after the first 3 games. I think they will be in more games this year but come up short. The improvement will be there but a tougher schedule makes it harder to see how much.
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Eagles --> 11-5

I'm trying to be realistic here. There are MAJOR concerns at O-Line, Safety, LB. Sure, their secondary and line have improved but will putting one of the 3 CBs at nickel work? or work to the level of play they gave at CB? Neither of their 3 LB would be starters on most other teams. Their O-Line will take a while to become cohesive (excluding lack of talent). Throw in the fact that Reid has 5 new coaching changes and a rhythm might not be had until mid-season. With how porous the line is, how long can Vick last (er remain healthy)? Vince Young would be in the same boat if he wasn't hurt already. The guy backing up those 2? Mike Kafka. He's probably Kevin Kolb light who probably wouldn't be ready to take pro snaps. If everything meshes immediately and everyone stays healthy...14-2 is possible. But I highly doubt that's the case. An 11-5 or 12-4 is most likely.

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Redskins 10-6

WIN Sun.,Sept. 11 New York Giants
WIN Sun., Sept. 18 Arizona Cardinals
LOSS Mon., Sept. 26 @ Dallas Cowboys
LOSS Sun., Oct. 2 @ St. Louis Rams
LOSS Sun., Oct. 16 Philadelphia Eagles
WIN Sun., Oct. 23 @ Carolina Panthers
WIN Sun., Oct. 30 @ Buffalo Bills (Toronto)
WIN Sun., Nov. 6 San Francisco 49ers
WIN Sun., Nov. 13 @ Miami Dolphins
WIN Sun., Nov. 20 Dallas Cowboys
WIN Sun., Nov. 27 @ Seattle Seahawks
LOSS Sun., Dec. 4 New York Jets
LOSS Sun., Dec. 11 New England Patriots
WIN Sun., Dec. 18 @ New York Giants
WIN Sat., Dec. 24 Minnesota Vikings
LOSS Sun., Jan. 1 @ Philadelphia Eagles

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Browns 8 - 8 , and I think that's optimistic, but must think positive yep.
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If it's not too late, I'll go Rams 9-7.


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Giants will go 9-7. Gut tells me 8-8 but I have confidence in the O to go above .500.
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Oakland 4-12
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I think the Seahawks go 5-11.
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Cowboys 10-6

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K - D. Bailey
DEF - Chargers
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LETS GO PATS! 13-3 =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

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With the O-line reeling, the depth at multiple def positions poor, the Browns will finish at 7-9.

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Fighting Amish wrote:With the O-line reeling, the depth at multiple def positions poor, the Browns will finish at 7-9.


10-6, playing week 17 for a playoff birth.

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No more predictions.

Good luck this year :thumbright:

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