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Can we all agree that the guys who play in the SEC get paid better than they guys that play in the B1G while they're in school?

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birddog wrote:
5.) I made no claims as to the majors of SEC football players being difficult, simply that they are probably on par with other major football stars' majors. Therefor, why would I need to spend the time to dig them up?

but you gathered both an incomplete yet incorrect list of Big10 players and posted that?.. now pleading ignorance by adhering to assumption yet standing pat pointing.. seriously, p? C'mon, you're better than that.

You're twisting a helluva tale. Gotta hand it to ya.. just remember I'm not in SEC country and my brothers the Clemson grad in the family :wink:

btw lists coming along as I have time to organize it ;)

Again, it's Althon's Big 10 All-Conference team. First one on Google. And I noted that I only pulled the offensive side of the ball because I was too lazy to do the other side also. If there's significant differences then list the other one and their majors. There was no picking and choosing, simply the offensive side of the ball.

And, for the last time, what exactly is the standard that you want to use? You can't just go "well, it's what we've heard a lot." Sorry, Sportscenter isn't good enough to be a source. Especially since you've got the NCAA Academic Progress that is designed to do just that, yet somehow not up to your standards?

Am I shocked at the list of majors from LSU football? Not at all. And those are sadly pretty even to the majors that I saw based on Athlon's Big 10 All-Conference team. Which I expected. D1 football studs are fairly even across BCS conferences.

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I think you agree Academic Progress Rates don't show the type of paper being passed out. Is it a measure of accomplishment? Most definitely but, not a measure in terms of who, performance, or degree type. Thats simply what I was pointing out regardless of where/which school. As far as any std I think we've both got a grip on whats what.

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