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Round 1

1.Indianapolis Colts - [votingmachine/Spice Man] - QB, Andrew Luck - Stanford
2.Washington Redskins(via Rams) - [stuffedcrust3meat] - QB, Bob Griffin III - Baylor
3.Minnesota Vikings - [birddog] - OT, Matt Kalil - USC
4.Cleveland Browns - [OarChambo] - CB, Maurice Claiborne - LSU
5.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - [Markulous] - RB, Trent Richardson - Alabama
6.St. Louis Rams(via Redskins) - [dpgstl] - WR, Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State
7.Jacksonville Jaguars - [hankrip] - OT, Riley Reiff - Iowa
8.Miami Dolphins - [SonOfDad] - DE, Quinton Coples - North Carolina
9.Carolina Panthers - [pwbowen] - DE, Melvin Ingram - South Carolina
10.Buffalo Bills - [jamcutpost] - OG, David DeCastro - Stanford
11.Kansas City Chiefs - [10ball] - DT, Michael Brockers - LSU
12.Seattle Seahawks - [pinksheets] - DE/OLB, Courtney Upshaw, - Alabama
13.Arizona Cardinals - [JimHart] - MLB, Luke Kuechly - Boston College
14.Dallas Cowboys - [Third and Long] - DE, Fletcher Cox - Mississippi St
15.Philadelphia Eagles - [nicdolas] - CB, Dre Kirkpatrick - Alabama
16.New York Jets - [jetsman2806/endzoneview] - OT, Jonathon Martin - Stanford
17.Cincinnati Bengals(via Raiders) - [neal123454] - S, Mark Barron - Alabama
18.San Diego Chargers - [Griffimo] - DE/LB, Whitney Mercilus - Illinois
19.Chicago Bears - [vonbearsalot] - DE, Nick Perry - USC
20.Tennessee Titans - [Loser829] - CB, Stephon Gilmore - South Carolina
21.Cincinnati Bengals - [neal123454] - OG, Cordy Glenn - Georgia
22.Cleveland Browns(via Falcons) - [OarChambo] - WR, Michael Floyd - Notre Dame
23.Detroit Lions - [getdownmmmkay] - RB, Doug Martin - Boise State
24.Pittsburgh Steelers - [jesteva] -LB, Dont'a Hightower - Alabama
25.Denver Broncos - [badgasman9] - WR/KR, Kendall Wright - Baylor
26.Houston Texans - [Stankweasels 3000] - QB, Ryan Tannehill - Texas A&M
27.New England Patriots(via Saints) - [FLPatsFan/honingskills] - OLB/DE, Vinny Curry - Marshall
28.Green Bay Packers - [crockett] - DE, Shea McClellin - Boise State
29.Baltimore Ravens - [Kaleb.09] - WR, Steven Hill - Georgia Tech
30.San Francisco 49ers - [Lundy Love] - TE, Coby Fleener - Stanford
31.New England Patriots - [FLPatsFan/honingskills] - WR, Brian Quick - Appalachian State
32.New York Giants - [sebringc4] - OT, Mike Adams - Ohio State

Round 2

33.St. Louis Rams - [dpgstl] - WR, Alshon Jeffrey - South Carolina
34.Indianapolis Colts - [votingmachine/Spice Man] - DT, Dontari Poe, DT -Memphis
35.Minnesota Vikings - [birddog] - CB, Janoris Jenkins - North Alabama
36.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - [Markulous] - LB, Andre Branch - Clemson
37.Cleveland Browns - [OarChambo] - RB, Lamar Miller - Miami
38.Jacksonville Jaguars - [Markulous/hankrip] - WR, Mohamed Sanu - Rutgers
39.St. Louis Rams(via Redskins) - [dpgstl] - DT, Jerel Worthy - Michigan St
40.Carolina Panthers - [pwbowen] - CB, Trumaine Johnson - Montana
41.Buffalo Bills - [jamcutpost] - OT, Bobby Massie - Mississippi
42.Miami Dolphins - [Elmagister/SonOfDad] - WR, Rueben Randle - LSU
43.Seattle Seahawks - [pinksheets] - OLB, Zach Brown - North Carolina
44.Kansas City Chiefs - [10ball] - OG, Kevin Zeitler - Wisconsin
45.Dallas Cowboys - [Third and Long] - DE/OLD, Ronnell Lewis - Oklahoma
46.Philadelphia Eagles - [nicdolas] - DT, Devon Still - Penn St
47.New York Jets - [jetsman2806/endzoneview] - DE/OLB, Jared Crick - Nebraska
48.New England Patriots(via Raiders) - [FLPatsFan/honingskills] - DL, Derek Wolfe - Cincinnati
49.San Diego Chargers - [Griffimo] - RB, David Wilson - Virginia Tech
50.Chicago Bears - [vonbearsalot] - C, Peter Konz - Wisconsin
51.Philadelphia Eagles(via Cardinals) - [nicdolas] - OLB, Lavonte David - Nebraska
52.Tennessee Titans - [Loser829] - DE, Chandler Jones - Syracuse
53.Cincinnati Bengals - [neal123454] - RB, Isaiah Pead - Cincinnati
54.Detroit Lions - [getdownmmmkay] - CB, Josh Robinson - Central Florida
55.Atlanta Falcons - [ATL Souljah Boy] - TE, Dwayne Allen - Clemson
56.Pittsburgh Steelers - [jesteva] - SS, Harrison Smith - Notre Dame
57.Denver Broncos - [badgasman9] - G/OT, Kelechi Osemele - Iowa State
58.Houston Texans - [Stankweasels 3000] - OT, Zebrie Sanders - Florida State
59.Green Bay Packers - [crockett] - FS, Aaron Henry - Wisconsin
60.Baltimore Ravens - [Kaleb.09] - OG, Amini Silatolu - Midwestern State
61.San Francisco 49ers - [Lundy Love] - OG, Brandon Brooks - Miami (Ohio)
62.New England Patriots - [FLPatsFan/honingskills] - DT, Alameda Ta’amu - Washington
63.New York Giants - [sebringc4] - C, Ben Jones - Georgia

Round 3

64.Indianapolis Colts - [votingmachine/Spice Man] - FS, George Iloka - Boise State
65.St. Louis Rams - [dpgstl] - LB, Mychal Kendricks - California
66.Minnesota Vikings - [birddog] - CB/S, Josh Norman - Coastal Carolina
67.Cleveland Browns - [OarChambo] - OT, Jeff Allen - Illinois
68.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - [badgasman9] - CB, Brandon Boykin - Georgia
69.Washington Redskins(via Rams) - [stuffedcrust3meat] - WR, Ryan Broyles - Oklahoma
70.Jacksonville Jaguars - [hankrip] - WR, Ty Hilton - Florida International
71.Buffalo Bills - [jamcutpost] - QB, Brock Osweiler - Arizona St
72.Miami Dolphins - [Elmagister/SonOfDad] - QB, Kirk Cousins - Michigan St.
73.Miami Dolphins(via Panthers through Bears) - [Elmagister/SonOfDad] - DL, Kendall Reyes - UConn
74.Kansas City Chiefs - [10ball] - QB, Brandon Weeden - Oklahoma State
75.Seattle Seahawks - [pinksheets] - RB, Chris Polk - Washington
76.Houston Texans(via Eagles) - [Stankweasels 3000] - WR, Chris Givens - Wake Forest
77.New York Jets - [jetsman2806/endzoneview] - WR, Nick Toon - Wisconsin
78.San Diego Chargers - [Griffimo] - RB, LaMichael James - Oregon
79.Chicago Bears - [vonbearsalot] - LB, Bobby Wagner - Utah State
80.Arizona Cardinals - [Oarchambo] - WR, Juron Criner - Arizona
81.Dallas Cowboys - [Third and Long] - DE/OLB, Bruce Irvin - W Virginia
82.Tennessee Titans - [Loser829] - OG, James Brown - Troy
83.Cincinnati Bengals - [neal123454] - DT, Brandon Thompson - Clemson
84.Atlanta Falcons - [ATL Souljah Boy] - CB, Alfonzo Dennard - Nebraska
85.Detroit Lions - [getdownmmmkay] - DE, Cam Johnson - Virginia
86.Pittsburgh Steelers - [jesteva] - OT, Mitchell Schwartz - University of California
87.Denver Broncos - [badgasman9] - DE, Billy Winn - Boise State
88.Philadelphia Eagles(via Texans) - [nicdolas] - S, Brandon Taylor - LSU
89.New Orleans Saints - [OarChambo] - T, Andrew Datko - Florida St
90.Green Bay Packers - [crockett] - C, Mike Brewster - Ohio State
91.Baltimore Ravens - [Kaleb.09] - FS, Trenton Robinson - Michigan State
92.San Francisco 49ers - [Lundy Love] - S, Markelle Martin - Oklahoma State
93.New England Patriots - [FLPatsFan/honingskills] - CB, Jayron Hosley - Va Tech
94.New York Giants - [sebringc4] - RB, Robert Turbin - Utah State
95.Oakland Raiders(compensatory selection) - [R2000] - LB, Sean Spence - Miami (FL)

- - - - - - - - - - Finished - - - - - - - - - -

Please organize the selections as such:
Pick selection - (position, name, school)
Positions of need - (WR, DT, OLB, P etc.,..)
Analysis of pick - (at least a couple sentences)
Players considered - (list at least 1)

*additional rounds (2 & possibly 3) will be added upon completion of the previous round to this post
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Ill get this started as voting machine is busy this morning:
With the first pick of the 2012 Draft the Colts take:
Andrew Luck- QB -Stanford
Team needs: QB,WR,OL,RB,DT,S
Other players considered: None really although propbably had some discussions about RGIII

Luck is widely considered the best QB prospect since John Elway. His strengths are his size-6-4, touch, intelligence,timing and acuracy. He doesn't have the quickest release and his arm strength is just ok. He is very athletic and goes through his progressions well. A no brainer pick for the Colts.

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[selection/write-up by stuffedcrust3meat]

With the 2nd pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Washington Redskins select QB, Bob Griffin III - Baylor

Positions of need: QB, S/CB/DB, QB (QB stressed here for good measure, twice the need of any other position)

A no brainer of a pick. The Redskins have been in dire need of a franchise QB for 20yrs, no price was too high for an elite athlete with a size and speed combo that can make all the throws. Factor in the intangibles RGIII brings to the table and there is no doubt this is the right pick. The Redskins have addressed the WR problems with a decent draft last year and FA this year. The rest of the team issues really aren't as concerning if you get an elite talent to raise the bar for the rest to follow, the Skins have some talent to work with and in time will realize the potential. Safety and DB/CB will be the biggest issues on defense, but Orakpo and Kerrigan hope to put enough pressure on opposing QB's to mask the coverage problems that may occur. The whole city of DC is gonna love RGIII and he will be Washington's favorite son the moment his name is announced.....

Players considered - There is only 1 option here.....the QB that the Colts don't pick.

[selection/write-up by stuffedcrust3meat]
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With the 3rd pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select OT, Matt Kalil - USC

Positions of need - OT, WR, S, CB, LBs, RB

2012 marks the promotion of Rick Spielman to the Viking's full time GM position. Selecting Kalil also marks the 2nd highest pick the franchise has invested in an Offensive Tackle and the 2nd highest USC Tackle since 1968's 1st over-all selection of 2001 Hall of Fame inductee Ron Yary. Kalil offers an immediate upgrade from day 1 with the talent, mentality and work ethic he possess and brings to the Viking's front 5. There is no downside to this selection as I believe it makes sense for everyone. Christian Ponder can once again sleep at night knowing his blindside is protected correctly.

Players considered - Floyd, Blackmon and Claiborn

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[selection/write-up by OarChambo]

With the 4th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select CB, Maurice Claiborne - LSU

Positions of need - WR, RB, RT, CB, QB

Surprise, surprise - the Cleveland Browns want to trade down. They want to move down to a spot in which they get one of the four above players. However, since there is no trading in this mock (and for good reason) the Browns select the best player on their board at the most premium position, according to GM Tom Heckert anyway. The problem with this move is it telegraphs the focus of the rest of the draft as it's no secret the Browns desparately ed play makers on offense. It may not be a problem in this mock, but in the real thing teams wanting skill position players know they must get in front of the Browns in order to get their guy so the Browns will have to sarcifice picks to move up to get the best of the rest at RB and WR. Long story short, in a perfect world, the Browns trade down, add a #2, and get an offensive skill position player in the top 10. Not possible here though.

Players considered - Justin Blackmon, Trent Richardson and Michael Floyd (but not Ryan Tannehill)

[selection/write-up by OarChambo]

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[selection/write-up by Markulous]

With the 5th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select RB, Trent Richardson - Alabama

Positions of need - LB, RB, DB

This is a slam dunk pick. Cleveland passes on Trent Richardson and Tampa Bay is absolutely thrilled to have him. Richardson has it all: Speed, Power, Vision, Pass-catching ability, etc. Blount isn't a complete RB and this would be a huge boon to their entire offense and take a lot of pressure off of Josh Freeman.

Players considered - Only other option here would be Melvin Ingram as TB's LB corps are bad. But its not much of an option as Richardson is the BAP and it's not even close.

[selection/write-up by Markulous]

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With the sixth pick in the draft, the St Louis Rams select Justin Blackmon WR/ Oklahoma State

Team needs: WR, DT, OT, RB, LB, just about everywhere

Personally not a fan of this pick, was hoping Richardson was here. Prefer to trade down but not an option in this mock.
Can see some action for Tannehil here. Rams need a WR terribly and Blackmon is the highest rated in this draft so its a need
and probably the BPA

Others considered: Decastro

12 Team PPR 2-QB League

Roethlisberger, Ryan, Dalton
Ivory, Woodhead, Hillman D Williams
A Brown, K Allen, J Landry, Cruz, Agholar, B Coleman
Dolphins, Colts D
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[selection/write-up by hankrip]

With the 7th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select OT, Riley Reiff - Iowa

Positions of need - WR, DE, CB, RT, C

WR and DE are more pressing needs, but Gene Smith does not draft based on all. Front office is losing patience with Eben Britton's nagging shoulder issues. Starting the miserable Guy Whimper at RT might doom any chance Gabbert can develop under a new OC and QB coach. Gene Smith is a doubles hitter, so don't expect a big name DE, WR, or CB (if Claiborne is off the board) picked here. I hear they like Melvin Ingram, but I don't think he fits their 4-3 scheme well. I wouldn't be surprised if Q.Coples is completely off Jags' board based off character/effort concerns. Coples is what they need physically, but Gene Smith won't take that risk in 1st round. I think Jags will address WR in rds 2-4 as there is some depth at the position this draft.

Players considered - Melvin Ingram, Dre Kirkpatrick, David DeCastro.

[selection/write-up by hankrip]

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Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina

Positions of Need - QB, WR, Pass Rusher, TE, S, O-Line

There were several pass rushers I looked at for this spot, but Coples seemed the best fit for the team who may or may not be going to a base 4-3 on defense this year. He does have some questions about his head and motivation, but his size, speed, and ability combo can't be overlooked.

Players considered- Melvin Ingram, Nick Perry, Whitney Mercilus, Ryan Tannehill
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With the 9th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Carolina Panthers select DE, Melvin Ingram - South Carolina

Positions of need: CB, DT, DE, WR, OT

I expect the Panthers to look to move back, but if staying at 9 Ingram adds a lot of flexibility and fills a spot of need at DE. Greg Hardy doesn't look to be an NFL starter and there needs to be push added opposite Charles Johnson. With Rivera's stated desire to play more 3-4 schemes Ingram can play OLB in addition to DE in the 4-3. Ingram can even slide inside on the 4-3 similar to how the Giants use their Def Linemen at times.

Players considered - Cox (2 3rds spent last year on DT and Ron Edwards signed), Kuechly (health concerns with Beason/Davis, loss of Connor), Kirkpatrick (Munnerlyn needs to be Nickelback)

Players not considered - Poe, Brockers, Gilmore, Coples
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#1.10 - Buffalo Bills

David DeCastro, OG. Stanford

Positions of need: OG, LT, RT, DE, Vertical WR, QB project, LB

You know you could almost - for the past 4 or 5 yrs - just made the same pick for the Bills of "LT, please". There is NO way we were going to get a sniff of Kalil short of trading up and we dont have a history of that and whilst im higher on Reiff than some, i'm surprised he's gone this early.

We seem to like Hairston enough having moved him over from RT for limited games that we're happy for Bell to go walkabout on his free agency $$ tour. Wouldnt surprise me if we ended up with Bell back either to be fair if his expectations become more realistic in the salary dept.

ATM the Bills have the top #1 OL ranking for sacks allowed (league fewest) and are top 10 in QB Hits allowed another strong indicator we're moving in the right direction ... and thats based partly on our ability to "make do & mend"/ad hoc OL and partly the system we play.

Alot of that is down to coach D'Alessandris who has been a fantastic hire, but the simple fact of the matter is outside of Wood (C) and to a lesser degree Levitre (LG) (who are the nucleus of what talent is there on that line) an improvement at any of the other 3 positions could easily be made.

We were never going to get the top tackle in this draft. We just got the best guard instead.

Players considered: Fletcher Cox, Luke Kuechly, Whitney Mercilus

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With the 11th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select

Michael Brockers DT LSU

Positions of Need: DT, OG, C, QB

I had DeCastro targeted for this pick, but with the surprising pick by the Bills, the Chiefs look to fill a need. With some smart signings in free agency, the Chiefs greatest need is at the DT spot. Dontari Poe is ranked ahead of Brockers on all boards, but I just can't pull the trigger on him. I prefer Brockers motor and upside to the workout warrior of Poe

I almost grabbed Tannenhill, but I was not reaching for a QB, as seems to be happening in most drafts

This is probably why my best position at GM is sitting on my couch

Players considered: as mentioned Poe and Tannenhill and also Kuechly
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With the 12th pick, the Seattle Seahawks select Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB out of Alabama.

Team needs: DE, OLB, MLB, WR, HB

The Hawks have to improve their pass rush this offseason, and Upshaw does just that. He's not elite, but he's a nasty sob and a great football player. He'll be lining up at the SAM in the 'elephant' role, similarly to how Carroll used Clay Matthews and also lining up opposite Chris Clemons at DE, replacing Red Bryant, on obvious passing downs. Upshaw also bolsters an already stout run stopping defense.

Other considerations: Kuechly was a consideration, but I'm not sure he's really elite, he's a tackle machine, but that might simply speak more to the talent around him at Boston College than his own, as he's rarely a disruptive presence in the backfield. Without thinking he's elite, someone to slide into the MIKE can be found at better value later. Most other targets that would have been considered (Richardson, Ingram, Coples, Decastro) are all off the board already.
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[selection/write-up by JimHart]

With the 13th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Arizona Cardinals select MLB, Luke Kuechly - Boston College

Positions of need: OT, ILB, OLB, WR, CB, QB

Quite honestly, the pick here is the OT from Iowa, Riley Reiff. Personally I do not see him being selected before 13. However, since in this mock he was selected way up at 7... :shock: ... I had to look elsewhere.

I think Cordy Glenn could be that road-grader type tackle the Cardinals haven't had in a while, and Whisenhunt and Grimm haven't had since Pittsburgh. Also a need is a pass-rushing type OLB, a role that Courtney Upshaw could fill admirably. I don't see any WRs, CBs, or QBs worth considering at this spot in the draft.

However, I think the Cards could fill OT and OLB later in the draft nearly equally well. And when a blue-chip guy like Kuechly is available at 13, and it is a need for the Cards, it makes the selection easy. The Cards hoped their free agent acquisition of Stewart Bradley last season would take care of that need. What a disaster that was! And Paris Lenon at 34 already has one foot out the door. Teams absolutely ate the Cards alive last year by running up the middle. With players like Washington and Kuechly that will likely stop.

Players considered: OT/OG Cordy Glenn / OLB Courtney Upshaw

[selection/write-up by JimHart]
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14th Pick of the NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys select Fletcher Cox DE from Mississippi St

Needs 1. General Manager 2. General Manager 3. General Manager.....DT/DE, CB, OLB, SS

Analysis....Pass rushing DE/DT or 5 technique DE's don't grow on trees and they are very difficult to find in the draft, with Cox who Mayock and I have as the best 5 Technique in the draft falling to the Boys here, I would be excited as all hell if this was true but Jerruh has his eyes on Poe in salute to his buddy Al Davis so I am sure Poe will be the pick here....I like Cox's speed from the DE and he can move inside on third downs and give the Boys 3 excellent pass rushers when the Boys go to the nickle...hopefully with talk of Ratliff moving to DE on 1st downs/2nd downs and moving Brent/Spears to clog the middle, and having Lissemore coming on strong from last year, the Boys can rotate their De's and keep them fresh as well as rotate Connor/Carter at the ILB and the Boys have improved the front 7 dramatically

Players I was considering

Dre Kirkpatrick, Steven Gilmore, Brockers, Decastro
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