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I hope like hell that the 49ers win so there is some reason for Rodgers to play in 16.

So assuming Rodgers plays at least the first half, maybe a bit more in the Bears game, week 16 will be okay.

But, whhat do you guys think will happen week 17?

My freakin' 12 team league goes through week 17, and we have both a H2H Superbowl, which I'm in, and a weekly point system where the team with the highest score gets 12 points, second gets 11 points, etc. I'm in first, but not by a lot there. Last year, I won both, but it called for some creative lineups (I think I played Mike Goodson or someone else pretty random, for example).

If the Packers have nothing to play for in week 17, which waiver wire hero would be the best option? Orton, Matt Moore, Alex Smith, etc. are on the wire. Not much else. Or Flynn?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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If they sit Rodgers, I'd go with Flynn. They're just a complete team now.


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hoping I have the same problem after monday nights game. I hope to be debating between Webb if he starts which I believe will happen or Flynn

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