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Recently the tank has had an outbreak of bad behavior from a few members of the community. This comes right along with the surge in new members around the start of the season, and usually things return to normal within a couple of weeks. However, the tank is getting to be a big enough community that we need to have a more official process for ensuring that everyone plays nice.

When we talk about "bad behavior", we mean one of two things:
1. Personal attacks are not okay. Treat your fellow sharks with respect, don't throw insults or abusive language their way. To be sure, we aren't talking about good-natured trash talk or heated debate, just make sure that the punches stay above the belt.
2. Keep your language clean. Kids visit this site, and we want to make sure to have a healthy environment for them. We have a language filter for a reason, please don't try to get around it.

Should you break the rules, the penalties escalate as follows:
1. Formal PM warning - If the moderators have identified a problem shark, the first step is to simply tell that shark what we find objectionable, and ask them to correct it.
2. 2 week account suspension - If being warned doesn't deter the bad behavior, the next step is a two week suspension of posting privileges. Hopefully this will give the offending shark enough time to cool off and come back in a more agreeable mood.
3. Indefinite account suspension - If we still don't see any improvement after a 2 week vacation, we'll get draconian. Just like in the NFL, recipients of indefinite suspensions will need to reapply for posting privileges after they've reflected upon and corrected their behavior.

These penalties are not etched in stone. We'll consider the circumstances and the context when deciding on disciplinary action. I hope that we won't have to use this new policy often. Historically, the tank has been quite good at policing itself.

If you've got any questions, ask a moderator. You can see our names in green in the active user list. Also, please do give us feedback over in the feedback forum.
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I've decided to split off the commentary here and use this space exclusively for disciplinary actions.

Our goal in devising the disciplinary policy was to provide an opportunity for people who make mistakes to correct their behavior. In this spirit, I have to ask that if and when the people listed here return that they be treated as having served their time, and not be made the target of abuse, which degrades our community.

Profiles of people serving active suspensions are as follows: ... le&u=50198

Please note that people who violate their suspension or lash out in destructive behavior are not tolerated, and will be dealt with accordingly.

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