AJ Green or Julio Jones?

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In the #2 slot in my rookie draft and I'm not sure who to take. I know Ingram is going first.

AJ Green: Arguably more talented than Jones but in a bad situation with the Bengals.

Julio Jones: Good situation with a good quarterback. White taking defenders leaving him with 1 on 1 coverage. Too many weapons?

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I think it would be hard not to take Jones. He's got an established QB, and I think him being there will make both him and White more valuable. Maybe less so in a PPR league. In 3 years, Green may have time to catch up, but I just don't see any Bengals I would want on my team for this year.

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I am taking green at #2 in my PPR keeper.

I already have White so it seems like the right move. Either that or Thomas...

Right now its AJ. Three years and he will be MegaMossgerald.

if Andrew Luck goes there, make it two years.
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In a dynasty league I like Green a little better. He may have more risk, but he will likely be the Bengals go to guy and the Bengals have had to play catch up a lot in the last 20 years, making them a pretty solid producer of WRs. Jones will likely continue to be White's 2nd fiddle, though I still think he turns himself into a good fantasy option, but I think Green has more upside.

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I agree with Green in dynasty. In 2 dynasties I joined this year I took Green in one and Jones in the other, just cause I wanted to own one in each. I took Green in my first one.

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