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You can't tell for sure yet, but so far Edgerrin James doesn't look like he's lost anything.

"Edge looks good," said Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, who called James' 1,222-yard season last year "solid."

He hopes the running game will be better this season because "We'll all be a little better. "Our line will be a little bit better. We know what Edge does well. We know what our line does well. If we blend those things, we hope we'll be a little better running team than we were last year."

The Cardinals ranked only 29th in rushing last season, with 90 yards per game.

Whether James has slowed down a bit, he cautioned, can't be seen definitively in practice where breaking tackles and running in the open field aren't the issues they are in games. The scrutiny will be ramped up because James turns 30 on Friday. That's the time running backs are considered eligible for their AARP card.

"That's like a cliché," James responded. "After all I've done and the way I take care of my body, I'm not even concerned with that. "I see guys who haven't played as long as I have, they're missing practice and not able to play every game ... the past couple years, I've been there every day for practice, I've been out there every week for the games."

James ranks No. 13 all time with 11,607 rushing yards. If he runs for 1,200 this season, he'll rank No. 7 all time.

Source: East Valley Tribune

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