Dear Pete Carroll,

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I don't like all. I want you to fail, badly, and out of football entirely.

I hope your return to the NFL is a miserable experience. I despise your weaselly ways. I want you sent home crying every week with your tail between your legs. Please cover your face whenever you are on TV especially on Sundays during games. I can't stand the sight of you. Your face makes me want to vomit. Please disappear from public life entirely.


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i thought this was going to be another one of those "you scare me because..." letters.
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You just KNOW he's gonna trade to get Leinert, install him at QB, and then say the reason they're losing is that Leinert needs experience because he had bad coaching or never got a chance at Arizona. That's typical Pete Carroll all the way. He'll get three years before they wise up to him, make millions and then ride off into the motivational speaking business. God, I hate him worse than Lee Corso.

Man, you think Spurrier got slaughtered in the NFL, just wait till you see this. :lol:

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Spurrier brought in Weurffel if I recall correctly. This situation can't possibly be worse than that...can it?

the bag's on you motherF'er!

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Wow, that man has a hate on for Petey boy
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ol' Petey Boy had a damn good first year and is starting this year the same with some big FA moves and a pretty good draft.

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The "Draft better than the other guys in your league" strategy.
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I attribute the success to Schneider far more than Carroll. That said...I think Carroll is a fine Coach, but we all know that Tom Cable does all the work.

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