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We lost a heart breaker to the F-ing Cardinals tonight. Defense looked okay, they kept Wells and Fitzgerald from being huge. Bradford played ok for being out for two weeks and having a new receiver that he has barely thrown to as of yet. The offensive line is where I see the most issues. It seemed like they were getting bowled over once per set and it caused 4 or 5 sacks against on Bradford.

As far as receivers, we got a great deal to get Lloyd over here. This is a great upswing for the Rams. Steven Jackson has decided to be a leader and is becoming a spark plug for us. The Rams needed this more than anything. Now if we could only get one on the other side of the ball.

The receivers are also a sore spot. Sallas getting hurt tonight didn't help, haven't heard the extent of that but we have some sort of curse on our slot receivers this year. Gibson isn't impressing anyone and Alexander, while I love him for being a MU grad, is way too injury prone. We could use a mid-range threat as well as someone to do better on kick return.

As for Bradford; been hearing a lot of drop him, cut him, kill him, trade him talks. That's horse shoot. He was great last year and we all couldn't wait for this year. He went from undrafted in fantasy last year to a backup QB pick this year. His downside was a lack of weapons. We found this year he also needs more than 2 seconds to throw the ball. This is a sophomore slump at worst. Have faith, stay the curse, keep hope alive.

Personally, I hope the draft gets us better receivers, better corners, better O-line. I don't know what order but those are the holes I see. What do you think folks?

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