V-Mart for Choo/LoMo

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Here's a trade offer that just got fired my way. My initial reaction when I saw it was YES!, but want some feedback. League details are:

12-team H2H, 5x5 scoring, 5-player keeper, starting roster is C,1B,2B,3B,SS,3OF,2UTIL,4SP,2RP,2P,2DL,6 bench.

My roster:

C: V-Mart, Avila
1B: Teixiera, Kendrys(DL), C.Pena
2B: Cano
3B: A-Rod
SS: Andrus, Desmond
OF: Holliday, Markakis, Swisher, J.Gomes, D.Brown
UTIL: C.Pena
UTIL: Avila

SP: Sabathia, Kershaw, J.Sanchez, Chacin, Wandy, Britton, F.Garcia
RP: Walden, Aardsma(DL), League, E.Sanchez, Franklin

Pena and Garcia are my expendables right now...one's a streamer, the other I picked up cuz of his streakiness to hit 12HRs in a month. My main reasons for wanting to take this trade: (1) I think Avila is a more than serviceable catcher in 12-team leagues, (2) Choo is the best player in the deal, IMO (3) V-Mart is a raker, but also a health concern, and (4) I'm high on LoMo.

Let me know what you think!
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take it.
Great C's are always grossly overrated, and they're simply not a significant asset in category H2H leagues.

both of the guys you're getting are starters in your OF. this is an easy yes.

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I'd take it too.. i'd be more hesitant in a points league since Victor should get 100+ more ab's than any other catcher out there, but as H-10 said it is less of a factor in a h2h roto league.

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