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Thanks mudhen...really nice of you to take the time to have done this. :thumbright:

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mudhen wrote:
Feel free to give a breakdown of how you arrived at your prediction. I'll get it started.

Detroit Lions: 10-6
Stafford is poised to explode and the D has gone from laughing stock to above average. The Secondary still worries me as they are not very deep, speivey has to play very well imo. Another point of concern is at RB. Best is talented but leshoure's injury killed our depth ( he was turning heads in camp and was looking to be better than advertised-I really hope he makes it back 100%). Harrison hasn't looked all that great so far and while brown is speedy and great out of the backfield, he's not keen on running it play after play. I also changed my opinion of backup qb Hill. I think he's more than capable of running the O. The key player who absolutely cannot get hurt is Calvin Johnson. I keep hearing stafford is the key player- not true. It's megatron. He is the key to the lions success. Green bay will win the division I suspect, but I really think the lions will be in the hunt for that last playoff spot.

Let's see:
Stafford exploded alright.
The D was not above average. Not good enough yet to compete with the high powered o's in the league.
Running back concern was legit. Best/leshoure sure woulda been nice down the stretch.
I stand by my Calvin being the teams MVP. He dominated, especially in those comeback games. Just throw it up to him.
10-6 prediction. Yup.
I thought they had a shot at the last playoff spot...and indeed they were the 6th seed.

Next year I'm going to say 16-0 and see what happens :D

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