Who wins this trade?

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J. Smith/Coles FOR D. Mason/R. wayne

J. Smith and Coles
D. Mason and R. Wayne
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I give up Jimmy Smith (trade value is maxed now) and Coles and GET D. Mason and Reggie Wayne?

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I will gladly answer yours

Drink one for the Gipper
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I fell that Smith and Coles have more of an upside than Mason for sure and Wayne combined. I don't see Mason scoring a lot, and Coles and Pennington will get on page.

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Mason and Wayne fo sure

What in the wide, wide, world of sports is going on here?
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I say Mason & Wayne... I wouldn't think twice on pulling the trigger to get those two.

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i like it
Wright has tunnel vision for Mason. So would I - he catches everything. Reggie Wayne is a key to the Colts offense.

Coles is a player like Mason but he will lack TDs *not that Mason won't but Wayne will*. And Jimmy Smith should do well this week but not afterwards. I had him last year and he was thoroughly disappointing BUT that could have had something to do with Leftwich's injury and becoming more accustomed to the game
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I dont mind either side, seems pretty fair.

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I want the smith coles side thank you


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If you get pts for receptions then I am giving the strong nod to Smith, Coles.

Otherwise it is close but I still like Pennington and Coles to get it together and be awesome this year. Smith and Leftwich also have Chemistry.

Mason has ? throwing to him and Wayne has Harrison, Stokely, Clark to fight with.

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