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Yahoo has the following FFB stalwarts going in middle rounds:

37. Michael Turner
39. Steven Jackson
57. Frank Gore

Which of these guys would you most like to have on your team this year?
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Sjax is a tad bit better than Gore and I'm not big on Turner.
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Depends on the scoring system. Non-ppr I say Turner slightly over SJax. I would hate to have any of these guys as my #2 back, but if they fall just a bit then all could pose great value. Frank Gore as my RB3 could be part of a very strong team.

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I'd go gore, even though I have turner as 1 of my keepers this year

Although I can get Gore if I want in our upcoming draft

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Not big on any of them this year, but I'd probably have to go with Michael Turner (TDs are nice), followed close by SJack, with Frank Gore trailing em' both (Brandon Jacobs, Kendall, injury risk, don't like him this year at all)
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Ajax with gore a tad behind

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RaidersFan18 wrote:Yahoo has the following FFB stalwarts going in middle rounds:

37. Michael Turner
39. Steven Jackson
57. Frank Gore

Which of these guys would you most like to have on your team this year?

In a vacuum, S Jacks is a tier up on both because I don't think he's due for a touch decrease...yet. If Burner's that high on Yahoo! ADP I don't see him on any of my teams. None of them probably will, but can't imagine Burner before round 5 at least.

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SJax is well above the other 2 in my mind as well. There is the usual Falcons pre-season talk of going to a more pass heavy offense and Turner being quoted as saying he's going to be used less as well as Jacquizz and Snelling to take touches for Turner. The 49ers signed approximately 72 new RBs to take from Gore, and Harbaugh doesn't seem to be using him in the passing game nearly as much (for PPR formats). I don't see Pead taking much from Jackson and it sounds like he's in great shape and hungry still.

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jcalebmoore wrote:SJax is well above the other 2 in my mind as well.

In my mind as well.

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Apparently everyone agrees.

I haven't seen SJax last into the third round in a mock in a couple weeks.


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The only one that turns me off is Turner. He's just too TD dependent and I'm not sure how diminished his role will be this year.
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Seeing as the other two are off of my draft board I guess it is SJax by default. Lots of reasons to think Turner's role in the offense will decrease this year and Gore was ineffective last year and has lots of competition in his backfield this year.
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I would try to find a way to stay away from all of these guys. But I would take SJax if I had to.

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