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Mudhen started this last year and I enjoyed following it at the end of last year, so even though we've lost a week thought I'd see what everyone thinks of their team this year.

Alright tank, it's time for your honest opinions of how your team will fare this season. Post your prediction of your team and if you nail it, I'll award you with some $Sand (amount to be determined later). Will take any predictions that are in before the team's second game.

Feel free to give a breakdown of how you arrived at your prediction. I'll get it started.

New York Giants: 9-7

Dal- Loss...obviously
TB- Win...I expect to win the battle on both sides of the ball
@Car- Win...Think we edge them out, containing Newton just enough.
@Phi- Lose...Think we split with them and we win later in the season when our secondary is hopefully healthier.
Cle- Win...No Joe Haden and Weeden throwing.
@SF- Lose...Road trip to the West Coast, and SF looks pretty complete- really need to force mistakes from Smith, and he's protected the ball well.
Wash- Lose...they had our number last year, and RGIII looks like a nice upgrade.
@Dall- Win... close first game could have gone either way, if secondary can get healthy I see a win, and playing in Dallas has been good to us.
Pitt- Win...close game at home, think we can get enough pressure on Ben.
@Cinn- Win...Dalton was killed by Balt, seeing similar results here.
GB- Lose...close game and I'll pick this as one we'll lose unless we can establish a solid run game
@Wash- Win...at this point they've seen enough game tape on RGIII to put a nice game plan together
NO- Lose...believe we can go 3-1 against the NFC South, I'll pick this one as the loss.
@ATL- Win...Two similar offenses, we have the edge on defense.
@BAL- Lose...Balt's ground game gives them the edge at this point.
PHI- Win...see previous Philly game
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Cumulative list of predictions:

49ers 15-1...Lundy Love
49ers 13-3...Killa Cam Can
Bears 11-5...TheNataliePortmans
Bears 10-6...kmstyf
Bears 11-5...noles1983
Broncos 10-6...shotgun72
Broncos 13-3...budmonsan
Broncos 11-5...zoomie89
Browns 2-14...Fighting Amish
Browns 6-10...bluemist
Chargers 9-7...WasteofTime
Colts 6-10...gogreen21
Colts 8-8...Hollidome1
Cowboys 11-5...getsmartt
Cowboys 10-6...Third and Long
Dolphins 3-13...tolbet
Dolphins 4-12...bd destroyers
Dolphins 8-8...elmagister
Eagles 10-6...Fantasy Tom
Eagles 9-7...flanndiggs
Falcons 12-4...csbwsp79
Giants 9-7...TD Celebration
Jaguars 6-10...hankrip
Jaguars 5-11...Markulous
Jets 9-7...endzonereview
Lions 10-6...Gill Posse
Lions 9-7...mudhen
Packers 11-5...fstpack
Packers 10-6...guenaj15
Packers 12-4...DELTA6TWO
Panthers 10-6...raynman
Patriots 13-3...DropkickFluties
Patriots 15-1...paragonx
Raiders 7-9...Apes
Raiders 6-10...ckeene
Redskins 7-9...The Noodler
Redskins 6-10...beep
Saints 11-5...lsumc131
Texans 12-4...aarkane
Vikings 2-14...badgasman9
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After last night, Oakland Raiders 7-9. That may be optimistic.
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Vikes 2-14

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Jaguars 6-10

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Dolphins 3-13
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chargers, i'm optimistically saying we can go 9-7. would not be surprised with .500 or below though.

Gates stadius?
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Bears 11-5.

NFC Wildcard.


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Jets 9-7
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Phins 4-12.

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Lions repeat last year's performance and go 10-6 again.

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Bears: 10-6.

Not the worst schedule ever. 2 games v. Packers/Lions, one against Texas, and one more loss just to even the odds. Sure to win some of those games/lose others, but that's how I see the strength of schedule right now.

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Packers 15-1 again this year!....

...No, I think 11-5 looks about right.

Week 1 9/9: vs. 49ers LOSS
Week 2 9/13: vs. Bears WIN
Week 3 9/24: @ Seahawks WIN
Week 4 9/30: vs Saints WIN
Week 5 10/7: @ Colts WIN
Week 6 10/14: @ Texans LOSS
Week 7 10/21: @ Rams WIN
Week 8 10/28: vs. Jaguars WIN
Week 9 11/4: vs. Cardinals WIN
Week 10 : BYE
Week 11 11/18: @ Lions LOSS
Week 12 11/25: @ Giants LOSS
Week 13 12/2: vs. Vikings WIN
Week 14 12/9: vs. Lions WIN
Week 15 12/16 @ Bears LOSS
Week 16 12/23: vs. Titans WIN
Week 17 12/30: @ Vikings WIN
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Bears: 11-5
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Bears: 11-5

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