Bradshaw or Martin?

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Wondering who I should pair with Richardson this week, Bradshaw vs. the 49ers or Doug Martin vs the Chiefs? Thanks!
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I have martin and I hate the fact I have to play him this week due to mjd bye...I would def. go with bradshaw until martin can get it together
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Bradshaw vs 49ers? No thx...

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Why would anyone be mad about Martin playing KC? Yes I get he hasn't put out like some have expected but in the midst of bye weeks if you're complaining about a statistically good match up then maybe this game we call fantasy isn't for you. This what have you done for me in the past 2 hours society is getting on my nerves.

Starting Bradshaw against the 49ers is like telling your penis to calm down when it sees a pretty lady, you just don't do it.
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Other than the Redskins game (which was also the only top10 rushing D he faced) Martin has averaged over 20 carries a game.

Yes you'd be happier if his production was better, but that's not terrible odds of him getting you ~10 points.

Expecting more than that is a pipe dream though.

Bradshaw could also get you 10 points, I don't think that choice is so clear cut really, SF D is great, but the Giants find a way to move the ball anyway, Bradshaw could get a TD.

I'd go with Martin myself, but my expectations are for ~20 touches and ~80 yards. A TD would tip it, but he's not getting goal line work.

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Thanks for the input guys! Luckily, I still have a few days to mull it over.

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