Is it time to drop Garcon?

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I have been holding Garcon on my bench since week 2, in hopes he can return to his week 1 performance. So far that has not worked out too good for me. Should I hold on or drop him for maybe Kendall Wright or Vincent Brown? Does anyone think he'll get back to the way he was to start the season?
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I'm actually facing this same quandry myself. Ultimately, I dropped him to pick up Kendall Wright this week since Tennessee faces Buffalo's atrocious pass defense. I'm tired of him just sitting on my bench and not really producing.

I suppose it all depends on your depth at reciever as well. He was basically my WR3 so I wasn't really losing much in dropping him for a potential upgrade. As for Vincent Brown, it would be wise to snatch him up now and wait to see if he really clicks with Rivers since clearly, Meachem isn't.
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I am holding onto him a few more weeks because we have a deep bench in my $ league. So much potential, but RG3 is really breaking out and puts up so many points by himself. Morris is consistent, but the qb put up 170 rushing yds, crazy.... (and 2 tds on the ground). I would say Garcon is worth holding if you have room, otherwise, pick someone who you can play right now, esp. with the bye week situation. He probably won't start 4 u until he breaks out, so he's just riding pine until then. Garcon and Nicks owners unite!

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Fantasypaysbills wrote:I suppose it all depends on your depth at reciever as well. He was basically my WR3 so I wasn't really losing much in dropping him for a potential upgrade. As for Vincent Brown, it would be wise to snatch him up now and wait to see if he really clicks with Rivers since clearly, Meachem isn't.

This. If you need somebody to actually start for you now, I'd definitely go grab a guy like Wright if he's still out there. I've been hanging onto Garcon all season as well, but haven't had to start him.

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Yeah I've got him in all 3 of my leagues and this bye week is killing me I will have to start him in one league if I don't make a move ](*,)
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Considering that he had one good quarter and has been hobbled since with no timetable for return, I say it's time to let go.
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My wr's are not deep at all. I have Wayne and Julio. My other wr's got hurt/suck. Been playing rol-a-dex with my wr 3. This week I'm rolling out Shaun Hill and Josh Gordon along with Wayne. Somehow 5-1.

Would You trade William Powell to pick up Garcon hoping he's good for the playoffs?
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Dropped him last night because of bye week issues.

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Stuck him on my IR spot and will let him sit there until our rosters get locked in week 9. From the reports I heard it doesn't appear he'll be close to the field this Sunday and looks like it could be week 9 before we see him back on the sidelines....

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I'm in the same situation. I'm thinking if he does come back how well will he even do since he hasn't been practicing with RG3 and i think that will affect his production. I've read that Santana Moss seems to be connecting well with RG3 and i've been keeping my eye on a couple other WRs that will probably produce more (Brandon Gibson, Brandon Stokely, Donnie Avery) I can only carry 4 WRs and start 2 so i'll have to make a move
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I am now looking at dropping Garcon and adding Hartline or Avery.

A guy on my hockey team is a podiatrist, so I sent him this injury report from a few days ago and asked his opinion (specifically, whether Garcon will be an effective player this year or will his injury continue to hamper / linger):

Garcon not close to 'full speed'
News: Redskins coach Mike Shanahan told reporters Monday wide receiver Pierre Garcon, who sat out Week 6 after a setback Friday with a lingering foot injury, is not dealing with turf toe, but rather a capsule under the second toe, which is painful after practicing. "That toe is quite sore. He's not close to anywhere near full speed. It's just a little painful," Shanahan said. "He's got a chance to come back and help us down the stretch. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later."
Analysis: Shanahan said Garcon wanted to play Sunday against the Vikings, but he made the call to sit him because he doesn't want to lose him for the season. It seems as though Garcon will be treated as week to week again, which is very upsetting for Fantasy owners. Garcon is a risky Fantasy play until he proves healthy and productive. Unless his status dramatically improves leading up to Week 7 at N.Y. Giants, then Fantasy owners should plan to use a healthier alternative.

Here was his opinion:

It all depends on how bad it is. This is a plantar plate problem and if there is a tear of the plate he won't be back at full speed any time soon and if he plays it will only get worse.
If it is not a tear there is a moderate chance he will be back at full speed in 2-4 weeks.

Then I spoke with him last night and he reiterated, basically, that even if it's not a tear and he does come back within that 2-4 week timeframe (which means Week 9 at earliest and Week 11 at worst), he won't be operating at the same speed.

For a player like Garcon, where it's more about his all out speed rather than crafty routing, this is in my mind going to hamper him all year. He was already at best a high end WR3 (in my view) before this, now he's down with waiver wire material (at least in my 10-team league).

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