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Here's the deal: Make the boldest, most wild predictions you have for this week's games. NO INJURY PREDICTIONS. Do you think Kevin Smith breaks the rushing record? Wallace catches 17 balls? Put 'em here!

Best prediction, both in accuracy and insanity will receive 1,000 sands (donations permitting)! There will be three of the best predictions pulled from the pile and voted on by the tank to determine the winner. Best of all, it's free to you!

The Rules:

1. No trunk hugging. If you wouldn't double-take at the statline or say "no way!" then it wouldn't fly here. "Turner rushes for 2 TD's in the same quarter" is NOT OOAL. The worst trunk-hugger's prediction will be posted to be lambasted by the tank. Don't be that guy. Go crazy!
2. Reel yourself in. Mixing two amazing performances into a single OOAL is one thing, but throwing a bunch into one makes it next to impossible to come true. "Brady throws 6 INT's, Locker throws 6 TD's while the Titans go on to put up 68 points in a shutout of the Patriots" has four OOAL predictions. Split them up to better your chances!
3. Read the thread! Try not to repeat another posters OOAL or "one up" them with a slight boost of rarity/stats. This is a thread for creativity, show it!
4. No editing your posts after kickoff.
5. Five predictions per post.
6. No injury predictions! As stated earlier, plus it's bad karma.
7. Donations welcomed!

No winners since Week 4...5000 sands are in the pot.

Let's see 'em!
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Mike Thomas has 10 receptions for 150+ yards against his former team.

Lance Dunbar (Cowboys) has over 200 all-purpose yards.

Mike Vick and Drew Brees combine for fewer than 200 yards passing and no TD's.

DeAngelo Williams doesn't get traded and does his best to wrest the starting RB job back from J-Stew with over 100 yards on fewer than 8 carries.

3 RB's this week have a ypc average of less than 1 (minimum 10 carries).
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1. L Blount outscores (fantasy production) DMC and D Martin this week
2. J Forsett goes for over 100 total yards and a TD
3. Drew Brees streak of a throwing a TD in a game ends this week
4. In one game there is a kick return for a TD, an int return for a TD and a fumble return for a TD
5. Buffalo beats Houston as Fitzpatrick goes off for 300+ 3TD game
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1) Under 63 total points scored in the 4:00pm games (under 21 pts per game)
2) 7+ TDs caught by WRs in the DET/JAX game
3) ARI/GB under 28 total points
4) Luck/Tannehill combine for 8+TDs
5) TRich has 200 total tds and 3 TDs

the bag's on you motherF'er!

QBs = Luck
RBs = L. Murray, Bernard, Foster, Ivory, Powell, McKinnon, D. Washington
WRs = AJ Green, K. Allen, D. Bryant, Marvin Jones, VJAX
TEs = C. Fleener
Def = Cards Def
K = Bailey
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Dallas vs Atlanta ends in a tie (5th tie since 1989).

Dez Bryant very nearly makes a game deciding catch. AND Sharks spend less than 10 pages discussing it.

RG3 sets a new record for longest TD run by a QB with an 83 yard TD.

Ryan Mathews breaks the Chargers record for longest TD run. 88 yards. 1st quarter. With 10:04 left in the quarter. With the temperature at 59. After a 78 yard TD run is called back. For holding. Called on #85 Antonio Gates. But it really is on #79. Who the announcers misidentify as RODNEY Harris.

Other than that I got nothin' ... just a normal week of football.
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1. Donald Brown shreds the run-stuffing Miami D for over 125 total yards and 2 TDs, turns in a top 5 RB performance
2. Ray Rice breaks APs single game rushing record, scores 3 times against Cleveland
3. Steve Smith and Cam Newton pound Washington, with Smith going for over 200 yards on 15 receptions and 3 TDs. They still lose.
4. RG3 counters with his first passing game over 400 yards and his first game with 4 TDs in a victory over Carolina
5. James Jones returns to the end zone after a 3 game drough and has his first game over 100 yards, going for 150 yards and 3 TDs against Arizona
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1) Andy Dalton throws for twice the yardage and twice the touchdowns against Manning
2) Mike Thomas takes a kickoff to the endzone against the Jags for the Lions only touchdown of the day
3) Josh Morgan catches a dozen passes for over 200 yards and 3 touchdowns
4) Tampa Bay celebrates its trade of Aqib Talib by giving up 400 passing yards and 4 passing touchdowns to Carson Palmer
5) Mike Vick is benched after 3 picks in the 1st half, Nick Foles takes advantage of the opportunity by throwing 3 more in the 2nd
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SeaBass sets the all time FG record booting one 66 yards
The Chiefs and Chargers combine for 75 points
Brandon Weeden throws 6 TD's v Ravens
Calvin Johnson 200 and 3
A game is delayed by an animal, possibly a squirrel.
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Sure, why not?

1) After not having a lead for a single second so far this season, the Chiefs score first and never trail in their game against SD.

2) Cassell has at least 3 more TDs than turnovers in the game.

3) Ray Rice and Trent Richardson combine for 300+ total yards and 4+ TDs in their game.

4) Steve Smith (CAR) finally has a breakout game with 175 receiving yards and 2 TDs.

5) Vick has more rushing yards than the entire Saints team combined, and finishes with more total yards than Brees.
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Going for it all tonight!

1. San Diego blocks a punt for a TD and returns a punt for a TD
2. The Ghost of Snoop Minnis. Jon Baldwin 100 yards and 2 TD's.
3. 4 TD's between the teams on offense of over 50 yards
4. An onside kick will start off the game
5. Each QB fumbles a snap that results in a turnover
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1. Tony Romo is the highest scoring QB in FF this week.

2. Cowboys beat Atlanta by exactly 12 points.

3. Chicago is shut out by Tennessee.

4. Aaron Rodgers has 4 TDs, all rushing.

5. Dwyer's first carry goes for a TD.
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1. Chris Johnson rushes for 150+ yards (no team has rushed for more than 84 against CHI) enraging everyone that traded him.
2. Foles starts in the second half of the eagles game. He manages to throw for 300 yards in one half.
3. Trent Richardson and Ray Rice run for a combined 450+ yards.
4. Two QBs throw for 500+ yards each. Their last names either start with an S or an R.
5. Dez Bryant catches the game winning TD as time runs out.
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1. Miami/Indianapolis combine for 70+ points.
2. Jonathan Stewart is the highest scoring fantasy RB this week (standard scoring).
3. Russell Wilson throws for at least 4 TDs.
4. Atlanta scores on four change of possession touchdowns (defense or special teams).
5. New York Giants block two Pittsburgh field goal attempts.
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Spiller goes over 200 total yards and 2 tds.

Charles doubles Matthews yardage and tds

Both Mannings throw for 400 yards and 3 tds each.

RG3 runs for 200 yards and throws for 300, but no tds

Romo throws 4 tds, 2 ints, and 259 yards

Def: Cincy
4/Pass TD, 6/all other TDs
Start: 2QB,2RB,3WR,1TE,1FLEX(RB,WR,TE),K,Def
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1. Two WR's have 3 touchdowns....one of them in a losing effort
2. Josh Freeman throws for 400 yards and 7 touchdowns
3. One of the pregame anthem singers falls down while singing
4. The NFL record for longest field goal is broken twice
5. Norv Turner is fired before monday night football

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