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I won one league and I am behind in one league...ppr....and have Foster and Gostkowski going tonite...He has the kicker from Houston? I hope I can pull it out.....
What's everyone else need....?
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If the Patriots can hold Foster to less than 22.46 points my #8 seeded cellar dweller group of clowns will pull the David vs Goliath upset of the #1 seed that finished the reg season 11-2. \:D/

If so...I will officially have all 4 of my fantasy teams in their respective playoff semifinals. Including my team here in the Shark league. Is the tooting of my horn hurting your ears yet? TRUST ME...this is a first. And many thanks go to all you Sharks swimming the tank. Without you...

(blah blah blah blah)

2012 Tiger Shark 14 Playoffs Champion (12 Team PPR)
2013 Blue Shark 7 Playoffs Champion (12 Team PPR)
2013 Blue Shark 7 Points Champion (12 Team PPR)

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Dyno league, I'm out (Sproles, BMarsh, SEA . . . shizz happens).

Sharks League, win unless Welker gets 44.

Main money league, need 16.4 from Brady to advance to Week 15 semis.


Eli, Alex
Booker, Latavius/Washington, Rawls, Dion
Antonio, Nuk, TY, JMatt, Moncrief, Coleman, Royal
Reed, Martellus, Kendricks
NEP DSTPK (inc. Gostkowski)

Keepers: Reed, Rawls
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16 points and Andre Johnson vs Brady and Hernandez, non PPR 4pt QB TD........

I think I am screwed...... (I have the points and Johnson)

8man non PPR redraft league -Starting 2QB/3RB/3WR/1TE/1FLEX/1K/1TM

Brees Vick Cutler Locker
Sproles D.Williams Stacy Mendenhall B.Jacobs Randle
Megatron Welker Gordon Blackmon Boykin T.Williams
V.Davis J. Witten
IR: Harvin
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14.13 points from Foster for me to win (hard but feasible, me thinks)
Ridley to ouscore Lloyd by at least 5 points so somebody else beats my direct competitor for a playoff spot
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Of my games with remaining active players:

Dyno #1: Daniels + Watt to not be outscored by Brady, Welker, Foster by 93. :thumbright:
Dyno #2: Glover Quinn and JJ Watt to hold an 18 point lead against Brandon Spikes. Feeling good there as well.
Redraft: Tom Brady to hold my 35.5 point lead going against Foster and Houston DST. Confident there as well.

1st round bye and 1 game already sealed(sorry Natalie!) in 2 other dynos. Good start to the playoffs for me this year.
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48 combined PPR points from Welker, Daniel, and Gotskowski, thanks to the SEA defense.


OAK 34 PIT 31
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Kicker/D team: Aaron Hernandez not fumbling 15 times while gaining zero yards.

Money redraft: Welker to outscore Godtkowski by 12.03 points.
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I need both Ridley/Foster to combine for under 34 points so I can hold my lead and move on in the Playoffs.
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Brady, Hernandez, and Graham to score at least 28 points.
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Need a lot of Schaub, AJ and Mayo.

Also could use a boat load of Welker/Hernandez... which won't be enough.
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$$ league.. thanks to a little mismanagement on my part (starting Greene over Sproles and missing out on 10 extra points... started the AZ def over BAL def.. resulting in -18 pts) ... I am tied at 115-115. The other guy has NE def. We get minus points (-3 for tds, -1 for fg's, etc).... So I need this to be a high scoring game!

PPR, 12 team, 6pt TDs, start 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 1flex(rb,wr,te), 1k, def
Brees, Dak
DMurray, Gordon, Ware, Henry, AP
ABrown, TWill(SD), Landry, Boldin, Hogan
Walker, McDonald
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I'm up 2.94 with Foster and Gostkowski....he has Ridley....I backed into playoffs at 6-7. #anythingcanhappen
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Foster and Gostkowski to combine for less than 21 points. If I lose, I'll blame Torrey Smith and Cam Cameron.
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Aaron Hernandez.

Aaron :censor: Hernandez!!! Unbelievable how one man controls so many of my matchups...and not all in my favor:

Homer $$ League: I'm up by 7pts. Opponent has Gostkowski. I have Hernandez (and Arian Foster)
Feeding Frenzy (IDP): I'm down by 7pts. Opponent has Hernandez. I have Daniel Manning.
LoT Resurrection: I'm up by 1pt. Opponent has Gostkowski. I have Hernandez (common theme going here...)

I'm rooting for my homer $$ league least if I win that match-up I'm guaranteed $500. A pick-six from Manning would be nice too, followed by a bunch of misses from Gostkowski \:D/

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