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#5 Drew Stanton, QB    Fantasy Football Injury Status   Out -
Arizona Cardinals
Height 6' 3"
Weight 243 lbs
Age 32
Birthdate May 7th 1984
College Michigan State
Year 2007
Round 2   Pick 11
Owner Free Agent - Acquire this player
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Season Projections
Carson Palmer rebounded in spades from an injury-marred 2014 to start all 16 regular-season games last season, which is why Stanton was limited to seven garbage-time appearances. Since weak-armed and statuesque Matt Barkley and undrafted free-agent Jake Coker are no threat to Stanton's job, the 32-year-old triggerman will operate as Palmer's backup for the third straight year. While Stanton possesses a powerful arm and a strong command of head coach Bruce Arians' playbook, the ninth-year journeyman's dismal accuracy (54.6 career completion percentage) has limited him to backup jobs throughout his NFL career. During Stanton's eight 2014 fill-in starts, he threw for an average of 203.3 yards and 0.8 touchdowns per game while hitting on just 54.9 percent of his throws despite the presence of Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and John Brown. If the Cardinals need Stanton under center again, he's won't come with much fantasy appeal.

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