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Fantasy Sports Writers Association

#87 Rob Gronkowski, TE
New England Patriots
Height: 6'-6"
Weight: 265
Birthdate: May 14th,1989
Age: 24
College: Arizona
Year: 2010
Round: 2   Pick: 10
Owner: Bad Apples on Roster - Offer a Trade
Season Statistics
-- Receiving ---- Rushing --
2010 Fantasy Points by Week
Last Games
-- Receiving ---- Rushing --
Strength of Schedule
Strength of schedule is calculated from the opponents projected fantasy points allowed for the TE position. The best rating is +16 which gives the player the advantage against the defense and indicates an easy opponent, the worst rating is -16 which gives the defense the advantage and indicates a tough opponent.
Fantasy Analysis
UPDATE 5/25/13: Unless you can get Gronk at a deep discount you'll want to pass on him at this point. Rumor has it that no one knows just how serious his back operation is going to be and when he should be expected to return.5/1/13: New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski appeared well on his way to another monster fantasy season in 2013, but a broken forearm cost the 23-year-old the last five games of the 2013 fantasy campaign, leaving many owners high and dry. Setbacks during Gronkowski's recovery have led to a fourth surgery on the arm, which casts some doubt over his Week 1 availability, as does the status of his balky back. As such, there's a measure of risk involved with investing an early pick in Gronkowski, but as he's shown the last two seasons, when healthy his fantasy upside is through the roof.

Receiving: 52 Receptions, 565 Yards, 8 TD.

Player News

Injury Report
No current injury information exists for Rob Gronkowski

2011 Draft Central
Average Draft Position (ADP) Tracker
Draft Analysis
Round 10, Pick 6
Second year player has been the talk of camp, with beat reporters using terms such as "beast" "man among boys" "unguardable" and "All-Pro this year". Not too shabby. Oh, and he put up these numbers in the final 8 games of last year: 28/398 7TDs. Some guy named Brady likes him too.
The Pats have 2 quality TEs, both of whom would compete as top 5-10 TEs, conservatively, if they had the bulk of the work. Based on camp and last season, I like Gronk to be the primary guy, but Hernandez is reportedly the better pure receiver of the two.
Draft Strategy
Time to draft a TE, with most of them gone. It is true, despite what some pundits who reach for a TE early show, that you can wait and wait on TE. Heck I almost passed (Miller, Cooley, Keller, and Cook are all still there) but at least one team between me and my next pick is also waiting, and I was worried he was seeing the same camp reports I was. (Contributed by: Pat_Smith)

Round 8, Pick 3
Ah, the Gronk. According to the Boston Herald "Second-year TE Rob Gronkowski has reportedly been a "man among boys" so far at Patriots camp. "No one has come close to being able to guard him, or contain him," writes Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald. "He's been an absolute beast." Gronkowski recently made Pats top cover linebacker Gary Guyton look "completely overmatched" in a practice session, and Rapoport says he'd "bet the farm" that Gronkowski makes All-Pro this year." This plus his strength of schedule is 6th best in the NFL for the upcoming year. Gronk had ten touchdowns in limited use last year, meaning he's the TE red-zone guy for New England.
He's in a timeshare with Aaron Hernandez most of the time, though in the red zone I think Gronkowski gets more looks. You're not going to get huge yardage or touches, but the TD's might make up for it.
Draft Strategy
This was the reach I wish I didn't make. I think I could have gotten a better backup QB in this spot, but my team was overbalanced in the main departments and tight end was a glaring emptiness so far, so I went with my head rather than my gut. I'm happy I waited till the eighth round for a TE, but I might have waited a bit longer, and the committee situation in NE doesn't overly excite me post-draft. I'd have to make up for it with a backup non-committee TE later on. (Contributed by: datacore)