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#91 Cameron Wake, DE
Miami Dolphins
Height 6' 3"
Weight 263 lbs
Age 35
Birthdate January 30th 1982
College Penn State
Year 2009
Owner scottdriley on Roster - Offer a Trade
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Cameron Wake had a WEIRD 2015 -- a terrible first month, followed by a seven-sack explosion, followed by a torn Schilles. Wake had all of nine tackles in 2015 -- and seven of those were sacks. However, despite that torn Achilles and his lofty age (34), SB Nation's Kevin Nogle believes Wake can awaken in 2016. 'Wake will come back motivated this year,' Nogle said. 'He is going to be looking to prove everyone who is questioning him wrong. He is going to be looking to prove that, at 34 years old, he is not old. And he is going to be looking to dominate the NFL this year.' Wake has some upside and is coming rather cheaply in drafts, but he's well past 30, coming off a major injury and his tackle numbers have been trending steadily downward for years. Boom/Bust all the way.

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