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#89 Steve Smith, WR    Fantasy Football Injury Status   IR - Put on official NFL IR list 01/01/2010
Baltimore Ravens
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 185 lbs
Age: 37
Birthdate: May 12th 1979
College: Utah
Year: 2001
Round: 3   Pick: 12
Owner: Fantasy Sports Magazine on Roster - Offer a Trade
Season Statistics
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2008 Fantasy Points by Week
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Strength of Schedule
Strength of Schedule is calculated from the opponents projected fantasy points allowed for the WR position. The easiest rating is 1 which gives the player the advantage against the defense and indicates an easy opponent, the most difficult rating is 10 which gives the defense the advantage and indicates a tough opponent.
Fantasy Analysis
Season Projections
Receiving: 80 Receptions, 1300 Yards, 8 TD.

Player News

Injury Report
Preseason - IR - Put on official NFL IR list 01/01/2010

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2009 Draft Central
Average Draft Position (ADP) Tracker
Draft Analysis
Round 3, Pick 5
Smith has posted top 5 fantasy WR numbers in 3 of the past 4 years. Smith led all WRs in yards per target last season, and posted over 1400 yards in just 14 games. This is a guy who could finish as the #1 receiver in fantasy.
Carolina is the best running team in the league, which tends to limit Smith's scoring ability through the air. Smith's running mates at WR are getting long in the tooth and may no longer be able to protect him from constant double teams. Because Smith is more of a deep threat than most #1 WRs, his catch totals don't rival players like Fitzgerald or Johnson.
Draft Strategy
The decision to draft a runner in the second really paid off here, as drafters in front of me opted for QBs instead of WRs and left me an elite player at the position. (Contributed by: Agenda42)

Round 2, Pick 9
Smith can be one of the top fantasy scorers over the course of a week, and even over the course of a season. The explosive WR is a key element in the Panthers offense and that should continue to be the case in 2009.
Though the now 30 year old veteran seems to have put last year's troubles behind him (suspended by the team for two games to start 2008), he's already found himself hurt this preseason. Originally described as being out for 'a couple of weeks', he's been participating in drills, but never a good sign for a veteran to be injured early on in camp.
Draft Strategy
The fantasy landscape is changing, while it was once necessary to grab RBs in the first two (or more) rounds, it is imperative that fantasy owners now get top WRs. Having selected a RB at the top of round one, I need to make sure I get a top WR in the bottom of round two and Smith fits the bill. (Contributed by: doug_coutts)