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Owner: Stanley's Studs XXX on Roster - Offer a Trade
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2008 Draft Central
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Draft Analysis
Round 5, Pick 1
Durable, experienced.
Lack of TDs last year. Generally bad team.
Draft Strategy
Jones' performance hinges on Brett Favre. If he opens up the offense, Jones will certainly benefit. If not, he'll be mediocre at best. But I only need him to be a fill in at RB3. (Contributed by: Phyrre56)

Round 3, Pick 12
Jones should be the feature back with the Jets. Hope Favre can open up the running game for him a bit and get him involved in the passing game as well. Should rush for over 1000 yards.
Only one TD last season. Is 30.
Draft Strategy
Need another RB as I went with a WR in round 2. Still feeling a bit thin at RB. (Contributed by: hawkenstein)