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# Carolina Panthers, Def
Carolina Panthers
Height: 0' 0"
Weight: lbs
Age: 46
Birthdate: December 31st 1969
Year: 1970
Season Statistics
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Fantasy Analysis
Season Projections
The Carolina Panthers ranked at or near the top of the NFL (and fantasy football) in a number of statistical categories a year ago en route to an appearance in Super Bowl 50. Sixth in total defense. Fourth in run defense. Sixth in scoring defense. First in takeaways (by a large margin). And most importantly to fantasy owners well within the top five of most scoring systems. Anchored by defensive tackle Kawann Short and linebackers Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis the Panthers are certain to be no joke on that side of the ball again in 2016, but the surprising departure of All-Pro cornerback Josh Norman raises significant questions in the secondary. One of the most common pitfalls in fantasy football is chasing last year's numbers, and between Norman's departure and those high turnover numbers (a hard rate to sustain) Carolina appears the sort of unit that may backslide statistically this season.

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Carolina Panthers Team Talk
Panthers 4-0!
Cam looking like he developed into the franchise QB that I've expected him to become. Defense looking good with Norman developing into one of the premier CBs in the league. We can still need some help with protecting cam and the relieving corps ...
Panthers might not pay Peppers big money?
At some point during the next 15 months, the Carolina Panthers must decide how much to pay defensive end Julius Peppers or whether to pay him at all. Before the 2007 season it seemed Peppers was a slam dunk to receive a contract extension that ...
Defense looks improved. Cam still can't throw accurately.
Luke is becoming an elite player. Cam is regressing. Hopefully Gettleman will eventually draft a real QB. He will likely replace Rivera at the end of the season and bring in his own coaching staff. I like this guy and think he will build us a great ...
Fresh Panther News
4 minutes ago - by Steve Reed - LB Gaither out of Sunday's game, Williams to start LB Omar Gaither , who has a sprained MCL, is out for Sunday's game. WLB Jason Williams starts in his place. Panthers RapidReports 10 minutes ago - by Steve Reed - DE ...
Cammy Cam Juice Train!
Woot Woot :Drink)...
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