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#14 Andy Dalton, QB    Fantasy Football Injury Status   Questionable - Shoulder
Cincinnati Bengals
Height 6' 2"
Weight 216 lbs
Age 29
Birthdate October 29th 1987
College TCU
Year 2011
Round 2   Pick 3
Season Statistics
2016 Fantasy Points by Week
Recent Games
Strength of Schedule
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Fantasy Analysis
Week 13 Projections
We were concerned how Dalton would fair without his Pro Bowl wide receiver and he didn't disappoint. 283 yards and a touchdown is certainly not a bad performance, but with just 5.9 yards per attempt he is going to need close to 50 passes per game in order to possibly be even a mediocre start.
Passsing: 232 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT.
Rushing: 14 Yards, 0 TD.

Season Projections
Commonly recognized as a game manager who crumbles under the pressure of big games, Dalton had silenced the critics and surprised fantasy owners by playing some of the best football of his career before a right (throwing) thumb injury forced the Bengals gunslinger to miss the last three games of the 2015 regular season. Dalton ended his impressive campaign as the fantasy QB19. However, if you prorate his numbers for 16 games, Dalton likely would have finished as a top-10 fantasy passer. Who would have thought? Even though his thumb is healed, Dalton will take a step backwards statistically. Offensive mastermind Hue Jackson left to coach the Browns. Quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese replaces Jackson and will keep his playbook, but Zampese has never called plays in the NFL so growing pains are likely. Dalton's receiver corps also looks weaker than it was a year ago. Stud A.J. Green, Tyler Eifert and pass-catching back Giovani Bernard all return, but the unimpressive Brandon LaFell is expected to replace trusty No. 2 wideout Marvin Jones (Lions), which is a downgrade. Mohamed Sanu (Falcons) also departed, and promising rookie second-rounder Tyler Boyd is his presumed replacement. Losing Jackson, Jones and Sanu obviously hurts Dalton, but he'll still do some damage with Green and Eifert on the fold.

Passing: 1262 Yards, 8 TD, 3 INT.
Rushing: 68 Yards, 1 TD.

Player News
Injury Report
Week 11 - Questionable - Shoulder
Week 12 - Questionable - Shoulder

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