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QB Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins Player Page

#10 Robert Griffin III, QB    Fantasy Football Injury Status   Out -
Washington Redskins
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 222 lbs
Age: 25
Birthdate: February 12th 1990
College: Baylor
Year: 2012
Round: 1   Pick: 2
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Griffin endured a nightmarish 2014 campaign. Limited to a career-low number of games due to an ankle injury and a well-deserved benching, RGIII compiled the worst numbers of his career across the board. Considered a physically gifted player, Griffin had major problems operating as a pocket passer in head coach Jay Gruden's West Coast system. We also found out that Gruden wants RGIII to cut way down his fantasy friendly running. Griffin heads to training camp as the favorite to start in Week 1 with top targets DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Andre Roberts and Jordan Reed all returning. However, there are no guarantees that Griffin will play well enough to keep the starting gig all season. If you also factor in Griffin's troubling injury history, he's clearly a huge fantasy QB2 gamble.

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Injury Report
Preseason - Out -
Week 1 - Out - Concussion
Week 2 - Out - -
Week 3 - Out -
Week 4 - Out -
Week 5 - Out -
Week 7 - Out -
Week 9 - Out -
Week 12 - Out -

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