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#46 Alfred Morris, RB
Dallas Cowboys
Height 5' 10"
Weight 222 lbs
Age 27
Birthdate December 12th 1988
College Florida Atlantic
Year 2012
Round 6   Pick 3
Season Statistics
-- Rushing ---- Receiving --
2016 Fantasy Points by Week
Recent Games
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Strength of Schedule
Strength of Schedule is calculated from the opponents projected fantasy points allowed for the RB position. The easiest rating is 1 which gives the player the advantage against the defense and indicates an easy opponent, the most difficult rating is 10 which gives the defense the advantage and indicates a tough opponent.
Fantasy Analysis
Week 8 Projections
Rushing: 25 Yards, 0 TD.
Receiving: 0 Receptions, 1 Yards, 0 TD.

Season Projections
Would Morris have chosen to go elsewhere in free agency had he known that Dallas was going to draft running back Ezekiel Elliott No. 4 overall in this year's NFL Draft? Initially hoping to be the thunder to Darren McFadden's lightning, Morris is now left scrounging for scraps leftover by Elliott. We view Morris as more of an in-season pickup, as even if Elliott does go down with an injury, he'd have to share the workload with McFadden, given that he can replicate his good health of 2015. Let us also not forget the possibility of Lance Dunbar returning sometime this season from a devastating knee injury.

Rushing: 252 Yards, 2 TD.
Receiving: 3 Receptions, 10 Yards, 0 TD.

Player News
Injury Report
No current injury information exists for Alfred Morris
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