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#14 Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB
New York Jets
Height 6' 2"
Weight 223 lbs
Age 34
Birthdate November 24th 1982
College Harvard
Year 2005
Round 7   Pick 36
Season Statistics
2016 Fantasy Points by Week
Recent Games
Strength of Schedule
Strength of Schedule is calculated from the opponents projected fantasy points allowed for the QB position. The easiest rating is 1 which gives the player the advantage against the defense and indicates an easy opponent, the most difficult rating is 10 which gives the defense the advantage and indicates a tough opponent.
Fantasy Analysis
Week 13 Projections
Based on his matchup Week 13 against the Colts 30th ranked passing defense he should be a capable starting fantasy quarterback. If you have no other options he could be used as plug-and-play option.
Passsing: 217 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT.
Rushing: 11 Yards, 0 TD.

Season Projections
7/27/16: Fitzpatrick has signed a 1-year, $12 million deal ($3 million available in team-related incentives) with the Jets. This is great news for all the fantasy owners that have already invested a pick in WRs Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. Fitzpatrick remains a borderline QB1 in 12-team leagues. 7/3/16: A locker room fight cleared the way for "FitzMagic" to resurrect his career last season. Signing with the Jets originally as a backup, Fitzpatrick was given the keys to the Gang Green offense after some fisticuffs landed Geno Smith on the shelf with a broken jaw. Fitzpatrick started all 16 games during his second tour of duty in offensive coordinator Chan Gailey's Pistol Spread attack (Fitzpatrick played for Gailey with the Bills from 2010-2012), and the 12th-year journeyman compiled career highs in passing yards and touchdown passes to wrap-up 2015 as the 12th-rated fantasy quarterback. It's widely assumed that Fitzpatrick will re-sign with the Jets. Despite his successful Jets debut, fantasy owners should be mindful that Fitzpatrick, who is entering his age 34-season, probably has reached his ceiling statistically and a regression is likely. Fitzpatrick is a journeyman for a reason. He has a well-deserved reputation for being streaky and turnover prone. Only four quarterbacks tossed more picks than Fitzpatrick did in 2015. Despite throwing to a talented group led by Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and Bilal Powell, Fitzpatrick's career year produced only 3,905 passing yards and a shoddy 59.6 completion percentage. While the addition of excellent pass-catching back Matt Forte is a plus, Fitzpatrick's schedule also looks way more challenging. Soft defenses of the AFC South and the NFC East have been replaced with matchups against the AFC North and the NFC West. Fitzpatrick will cut it as a fantasy backup. If you want a quarterback with upside, however, look somewhere else.

Passing: 1217 Yards, 9 TD, 5 INT.
Rushing: 60 Yards, 0 TD.

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