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#19 Jeremy Maclin, WR    Fantasy Football Injury Status   Probable - Groin
Kansas City Chiefs
Height 6' 0"
Weight 198 lbs
Age 28
Birthdate May 11th 1988
College Missouri
Year 2009
Round 1   Pick 19
Season Statistics
-- Receiving ---- Rushing --
2016 Fantasy Points by Week
Recent Games
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Strength of Schedule
Strength of Schedule is calculated from the opponents projected fantasy points allowed for the WR position. The easiest rating is 1 which gives the player the advantage against the defense and indicates an easy opponent, the most difficult rating is 10 which gives the defense the advantage and indicates a tough opponent.
Fantasy Analysis
Week 7 Projections
Playing the Saints and their horrible defense, this is a week to be sure to play Jeremy Maclin. He should give you about WR2 kind of numbers.
Receiving: 5 Receptions, 65 Yards, 0 TD.

Season Projections
Maclin was a very pleasant surprise last year as many felt that he would fall off the fantasy map after he signed with Kansas City. In a low volume passing attack like Kansas City, Maclin was just what the doctor ordered as he set a career-high with 87 receptions on only 124 targets. His 8 TDs were the second most he's ever scored in a season (10 TDs in both 2010 and 2014). Of course, most of this was done with superstar RB Jamaal Charles out with a torn ACL as he missed 11 games. Charles was on pace for 60-plus receptions when he went down in Week 5. With a healthy Charles back in the fold and the continued emergence of TE Travis Kelce, we see Maclin taking a small step back, but not much.

Rushing: 5 Yards, 0 TD.
Receiving: 54 Receptions, 684 Yards, 4 TD.

Player News
Injury Report
Week 1 - Probable - Groin

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