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# ,     Fantasy Football Injury Status   Probable - quadricep

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Week 2 - Probable - quadricep

2008 Draft Central
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Draft Analysis
Round 7, Pick 5
Top 2 receiving option on his team. Very skilled TE, he should easily be in the top 5 TEs this year. I've heard good things about the new offense in Washington and about Cooley's part in it.
Campbell as QB, but he's getting better.
Draft Strategy
With my RBs and WRs already solid at just three each, I'm not ready to look for a QB next, and Cooley was the very last of the top tier TEs left. So, the choice is easy, I get a TE that will be a solid performer all year. (Contributed by: Baron_Fel)

Round 6, Pick 11
Expected to be a top tier TE, was a main target last year. I expect Washington's offense to improve this year.
QB is coming back from an injury.
Draft Strategy
I like my core RBs and WRs st thie point, lots of usable QBs left on the board. Thought I'd grab a top TE while he was still available to build up my starting lineup. (Contributed by: DAFLCommish)

Round 5, Pick 3
Cooley had a solid season for a TE last year catching 66 passes for 786 yards and 8 TDs. He had a stretch of games between weeks 11-14 where he caught at least five passes for 89 yards including a total of two TDs over the four weeks. As the 5th TE selected, you can't complain about that production.
The west coast offense is being implemented in Washington this season which generally does not mean big things for TEs. He may be less of an option in the "normal" offense as owners will need to rely on his goal line presence to make up the difference.
Draft Strategy
I debated between Cooley, Dallas Clark, or grabbing another RB as insurance for McFadden with this pick. As it turned out, Dallas Clark didn't get selected until the 5th pick in round 7 so I may have jumped the gun with Cooley. If I could do it over, I'd pick another RB here and hold off on the TE for another round or two. (Contributed by: Ron_Anish)