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# ,     Fantasy Football Injury Status   IR - Put on official NFL IR list 11/19/2008

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Preseason - IR - Put on official NFL IR list 11/19/2008

2008 Draft Central
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Draft Analysis
Round 3, Pick 9
After dominating in preseason for four years got his shot at the starting gig and proved to me a stud. Runs hard, catches the ball well and gets the tough yards. Will be the #1 option at the goal line
Some point to Michael Bennett and Warrick Dunn as negatives. At ground zero I can tell you it ain't so. Carnell Williams coming back later in the year might impact his production, but I doubt he'll be recovered enough from knee surgery to compete this year, and that's all I need Ernie for
Draft Strategy
I expect Graham to finish in the top 10 RB this year and an outside shot at top 5, so based on that I went after two stud WR and kept my fingers crossed that I would get Graham around his ADP, which is pretty much right where he fell. If he produces top 10 value I'll have done well considering I had the 9th pick. (Contributed by: Ben_Ice)

Round 3, Pick 12
Proved to be a workhorse last season, basically constituting most of Tampa Bay's offense. An excellent receiver. Plays behind a good, young Oline.
He's Earnest Graham, a pick that doesn't scream out 'Sexy!' to anybody. Gruden hasn't publicly acknowledged him as the be-all #1 RB, though we can't imagine Warrick Dunn being much of a threat.
Draft Strategy
There were a lot of RBs I liked that fell to this spot, but I ultimately decided that Graham's combination of receptions and the entire offense counting him was enough to take him over upside picks like McFadden, Jacobs, etc. Graham might not jump out anybody, but he'll be producing like a top RB yet again this season. (Contributed by: FantasyHussy)

Round 3, Pick 7
Undisputed RB1 in a Gruden Coached Tampa Bay offense 2007 top 10 RB in most Fantasy Formats (15 Games - 222/898Yds/1TD/70Tgt/49Rec/324Yds. Has always looked good in pre-seasons past but lacked the opportunity till last seasons dibilitating injury to Williams, then all he did was post top 10 RB numbers. The Buc's brought in an old vet in Dunn to offer support along with Michael Bennett .. definately no challenges to Graham's dominant role in the Buc's offensive plans this season
The only negative I feel when drafting Graham as my RB1 is the fact there aren't many more steals like this to be found, and that's not actually a negative, more a disappointment actually.
Draft Strategy
Drafting in the mid to lower end of a point per reception draft this season leaves plenty of opportunity to grab up 2 top 5 WR's with your first 2 picks then work the RB side of the draft pool ... there are moe and more teams drafting quality RB's to suppliment their already existing corp of RB's .. a sure sign of the times .. the seasons of 300 carry RB's are a thing of the past .. if you haven't changed with the times .. it's time to rethink your strategy before you drop some serious coin on that special Money draft this season. (Contributed by: NSMapmaker)