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# ,     Fantasy Football Injury Status   Probable - Elbow

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Week 16 - Probable - Elbow

2008 Draft Central
Average Draft Position (ADP) Tracker
Draft Analysis
Round 10, Pick 11
New coach is QB friendly. So far looks like no effects of injury. Offense continues to improve.
Coming back from injury. Plays in a division of strong defenses. Offense looking weak so far in preseason. New coach.
Draft Strategy
Great second QB pick for late in round 10. (Contributed by: DAFLCommish)

Round 11, Pick 11
A big confident QB, in a west coast offense. His strengths are in the short game a staple of the west coast offense. The Rookie receivers are big and a nice fit for the West coast offense. Looking good in preseason.
This is his his 6th different offense dating back to his college career. Showed a tendency to make bad decisions last year and force the football.
Draft Strategy
Wanted to grab another QB because the ones I have have injury histories. I like what I have seen of this offense and Campbell in particular during the preseason. (Contributed by: Mad_Puppy)

Round 11, Pick 7
Young player who shows potential, and has been handed the keys to an offense with some pretty good weapons.
Will make some young QB mistakes, and probably won't have many big stat days.
Draft Strategy
I waited a long time to get my backup QB. I really like Campbell's potential, but if he doesn't work out, I can probably get someone better on the waiver wire. Hopefully I won't need him for anything other than Hasselbeck's bye week. (Contributed by: pcfountain)