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Injury Report
Week 4 - Probable - Shoulder
Week 5 - Probable - Shoulder
Week 6 - Probable - Shoulder
Week 12 - Probable - Calf
Week 15 - Questionable - Knee
Week 17 - Questionable - Illness

2008 Draft Central
Average Draft Position (ADP) Tracker
Draft Analysis
Round 5, Pick 6
Strong preseason so far, looking good for this year.
Some predict he won't catch many passes.
Draft Strategy
Wanted another startable RB in case Ryan Grant's hammy stays bad. LenDale seemed the best option left at the 5 pick. (Contributed by: DAFLCommish)

Round 7, Pick 2
Should be able to claim the starter's role, even if that means 75% or so of the RB production. Titans like ball control offense, which for the RB starting should bring 75 or so yards and a TD on the average week, which is perfect for my RB4.
Tennessee drafted a rookie RB so there will be competition as well as the potential for RBBC.
Draft Strategy
I am a little surprised, given the RB happy nature of this draft, that White is available here as I have this well below what his ADP should be. These are not "glamourous" selections here, I'm not running around my backyard pumping my fist and screaming that I was able to select LenDale White for my team!! I considered White at 6.11 and even 5.02, my thinking was that White might slip thru the cracks, and he did. My draft strategy from 1.02 was to get a RB, then two WRs, maybe three. Then in rounds 5, 6, and 7, grab some of the lesser RBs with the hopes that one will emerge as their team's #1. White clearly has that opportunity, and as my RB4, I can afford to wait a few weeks into the season for him to (hopefully) establish himself in that starter's role. (Contributed by: doug_coutts)

Round 5, Pick 10
White may not be a popular pick this year at RB, but he will be the main ball carrier for the Titans this year. He has shown marked improvement and toughness from his first year by increasing his stats and playing while injured in 2007. I look for him to have upwards of 250-270 carries this year and again gaining over 1000 yds....not bad for 5.10.
Rookie Chris Johnson will be spelling White in 3rd down and change of pace plays which may lead to taking more time and carries from him in the long run.
Draft Strategy
Time will tell if I got good value for White here. I needed an RB3 with upside due to taking the mending Ronnie Brown in the previous round. If I need to I can start White with confidence. I'm not buying into the rookie hype yet (and I emphasize YET) on Chris Johnson. (Contributed by: RatSlinger)