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RB Chris Johnson Arizona Cardinals Player Page

#23 Chris Johnson, RB    Fantasy Football Injury Status   Probable - Ankle
Arizona Cardinals
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 203 lbs
Age: 30
Birthdate: September 23rd 1985
College: East Carolina
Year: 2008
Round: 1   Pick: 24
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Preseason - Probable - Ankle
Week 20 - Questionable - Ankle
Week 21 - Probable - Ankle

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2008 Draft Central
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Draft Analysis
Round 6, Pick 9
He's on a team with a pretty good O-line, and not very good RB or WR's, Chris Johnson has a lot of upside. I don't think Vince Young is very good at making the quick reads downfield and getting the ball to his WR's, almost Vick-like. That could lead to a lot of short passes/dumpoffs to Johnson, especially without a TE to speak of. Lendale White will still get his share of carries, but i don't think Johnson can be any worse than White, so he should see his fair share of carries as well. No doubt Chris Johnson comes to the Titans and is instantly their best offensive weapon, and i can't see the Titans not trying to get the ball in his hand 15-18 times a game.
Lendale White is currently the starter. There aren't many other weapons on the offense, so teams may well key in on him ala Reggie Bush if the Titans WR's don't step up.
Draft Strategy
There were still five WR's on the board at this point that I liked, so I decided to wait until the 6th to grab one of those. I was tossing up between Fred Taylor and Chris Johnson with this pick. Having gone Edgerrin James in the last round (safe/boring pick), I decided to take a chance on a guy with a little more upside. Taylor may well start to give way to Jones-Drew this season, and at worse, Chris Johnson should be heavily involved in the Titans passing game, and a decent bye week substitute in this PPR league. (Contributed by: Aussie Cowboy)

Round 4, Pick 1
High draft pick, seems to have confidence of coaching staff to contribute as a spot RB, consistent pass catcher and even some kick return. As a RB3 I view him as a high upside backup for me.
Rookie, has Lendale White ahead of him and Vince Young as his QB.
Draft Strategy
Looking for a 3rd Backup, Johnson gives me a spot starter for bye weeks and could be more if I needed him. Bit of a gamble but I want to have options at RB. (Contributed by: Budman)

Round 6, Pick 9
Johnson can absolutely burn up the turf. He has looked good in the preseason for the most part and Tennessee coaches have said they'll be looking to get him involved in just about every aspect of the game, lining him up at tailback and as a receiver. He's a threat to find a hole and break to the endzone every time he touches the ball.
He's a rookie currently sitting behind Lendale White on the depth chart. Not a ton of weapons around him, but Vince Young's ability to take off should help keep defenses honest and from cheating on the RB's. He dropped a couple of ball in his last game that should have been caught, so his hands may be questionable. There were "safer" RB's on the board still.
Draft Strategy
There were again some safer picks on the board, but this kid has looked too good to ignore. His upside is tremendous and so far has looked very impressive in his first two games of action. With Bush, McFadden and Selvin Young already on my roster, I thought I could use another RB with a high ceiling. There are still some nice WR's, TE's and QB's on the board while the RB crop is increasingly thin. (Contributed by: Stankweasels)