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#2 Blaine Gabbert, QB    Fantasy Football Injury Status   IR - Put on official NFL IR list 11/21/2012
San Francisco 49ers
Height 6' 4"
Weight 235 lbs
Age 26
Birthdate October 15th 1989
College Missouri
Year 2011
Round 1   Pick 10
Season Statistics
2011 Fantasy Points by Week
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Fantasy Analysis
Week 1 Projections
After a less than stellar start to his career in Jacksonville, Blaine Gabbert is getting an opportunity under HC Chip Kelly to rebound as a starter. After winding up the 2015 season running the 49ers offense, Gabbert starts out 2016 at best as a low QB2 with some upside. It is too early to tell how this rebuilt 49ers offense will respond to the innovative methods used exclusively by Kelly. Gabbert should not even be close to consideration as a starter with the possible exception of deep two QB starters leagues.
Passsing: 251 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT.
Rushing: 26 Yards, 0 TD.

Season Projections
Last year, the expectations for "Plain Blaine" were zero or very close to it when he was pressed into starting duties following Colin Kaepernick's deserved midseason benching. But Gabbert played far more competently than expected. In eight starts, he averaged a serviceable 253.9 passing yards and 1.3 touchdown tosses per game with two 300-yard efforts and multiple touchdown passes in two contests. Don't forget that Gabbert, a 2011 first-round selection, was a huge bust with the Jaguars, and his game is still flawed. Gabbert's accuracy remains streaky, and he still prefers checkdown throws rather than challenging down the field. The sixth-year pro will battle Kaepernick for the starting gig in new head coach Chip Kelly's read-option attack. Even if Gabbert doesn't win the job, chances are he'll make some starts over the course of the season since Kaepernick's skills also have regressed. Gabbert was a far more accurate passer than Kaepernick and probably can do a better job of making the quick reads and accurate throws necessary in Kelly's offense. With a thin receiver corps that includes Torrey Smith, Quinton Patton, Vance McDonald and Garrett Celek, however, some suspect Kelly will operate a run-heavy attack, which would make sense. Likely operating as a game manager in a spot-start situation, Gabbert wouldn't have much to offer fantasy owners.

Passing: 2600 Yards, 15 TD, 12 INT.
Rushing: 100 Yards, 0 TD.

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Injury Report
Preseason - IR - Put on official NFL IR list 11/21/2012

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