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#54 Bobby Wagner, LB
Seattle Seahawks
Height 6' 0"
Weight 245 lbs
Age 26
Birthdate June 27th 1990
College Utah State
Year 2012
Round 2   Pick 15
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Despite what some consider a sub-par 2015 from Wagner, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll recently hailed Wagner as one of his defensive leaders while speaking with the Seattle Times. 'You watch (quarterback) Russell (Wilson) and the level that Bobby and K.J. are at now and their understanding of the game. It is not just that they know how to play or they know their assignments, but they have so many past experiences that we can draw fro,' Carroll said. 'It allows us to communicate on such a high level and so quickly that we are just connected. It does make a difference, and hopefully we will be able to bank on that. We set out a long time ago to keep these guys together, and we've done that, and hopefully it is going to continue to keep us moving ahead.' Wagner's a great NFL player, but he plays on a stout defense in an assist-heavy stadium. Both hinder his IDP ceiling a bit, while his name drives up his asking price -- making him a candidate to be overvalued on draft day.

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