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#56 Demario Davis, LB
Cleveland Browns
Height 6' 2"
Weight 248 lbs
Age 28
Birthdate January 11th 1989
College Arkansas State
Year 2012
Round 3   Pick 14
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Davis admitted recently to WKYC-TV that the Cleveland defense still has a ways to go. 'The thing I see is that we have a long way to go,' Browns linebacker Demario Davis said. 'We're doing some things well, but there is still tremendous room for improvement just in the run game, in the pass game and creating turnovers and getting after the quarterback in the red zone, in short-yard situations, just tremendous room for us to get better, which is good. Our coaches are telling us everything right. The players are committed. We just have to and each individual player has to keep working on their craft and getting better, keep getting better and be ready, especially in Week One.' Davis is no worldbeater, but he's the best tackler on a bad defense -- he's going to see a TON of tackle opportunities in 2016.

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