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#56 Karlos Dansby, LB    Fantasy Football Injury Status   Probable - Biceps
Cincinnati Bengals
Height 6' 3"
Weight 251 lbs
Age 35
Birthdate November 3rd 1981
College Auburn
Year 2004
Round 2   Pick 1
Season Statistics
No Statistics Available
2012 Fantasy Points by Week
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Week 19 Projections

Season Projections
Dansby, who joined the Bengals in free agency, told the team's website this might be the most talented defense he's ever played on. 'We might be one of the more talented groups I've ever been around,' Dansby said. '(The closest was) that '08 Arizona team when we went to the Super Bowl. It's pretty cool getting an opportunity to come in here and be a piece of the puzzle. Ain't gotta do too much. Got a lot of talent around me. Got a lot of hungry guys who want to win.' Dansby's 34, and it's uncertain what his subpackage role will be once Vontaze Burfict returns from suspension. However, Dansby put up 108 stops for the Cleveland Browns last year, and if he can hang onto a three-down role for one more year triple digits in tackles isn't out of the realm of reason.

Player News
Injury Report
Week 1 - Probable - Knee
Week 9 - Probable - Biceps
Week 10 - Probable - Biceps
Week 12 - Probable - Biceps
Week 13 - Probable - Biceps
Week 15 - Probable - Biceps
Week 16 - Probable - Biceps

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