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LB DeMeco Ryans Philadelphia Eagles Player Page

#59 DeMeco Ryans, LB
Philadelphia Eagles
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 247 lbs
Age: 31
Birthdate: July 28th 1984
College: Alabama
Year: 2006
Round: 2   Pick: 1
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When the Eagles traded for Kiko Alonso, the prevailing wisdom was that Ryans would find himself the odd man out at ILB for the Eagles. However, the Eagles instead guaranteed Ryans' 2015 salary, and head coach Chip Kelly told Philly.com Ryans is very much in the team's plans in 2015. 'I think he was productive before he got injured, and I know he recovered from the other injury,' Kelly told philly.com. 'When you understand the player and what he's all about and his dedication and what he does from the rehab standpoint, I think it's a testament to what he's going through right now.' Is it possible Ryans could be an absolute IDP steal IF the team moves on from Mychal Kendricks? Yes. But that hasn't happened yet, and if it doesn't that whole odd man out thing still could.

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