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DE Cameron Wake Miami Dolphins Player Page

#91 Cameron Wake, DE
Miami Dolphins
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 270 lbs
Age: 33
Birthdate: January 30th 1982
College: Penn State
Year: 2009
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When asked who was the toughest pass-rusher he'd ever faced, ESPN analyst (and Long-time NFL lineman) Damien Woody singled out Wake. 'My time with the Jets, going up against that guy twice a year, that guy made me earn every check,' Woody said of Wake. 'He's probably the toughest pass-rusher that I've ever gone against. He's strong as an ox, he can bend and do it all. I give a lot of kudos to Cameron Wake.' Wake's tackle numbers have dipped the past couple years, but the addition of Ndamukong Suh should (in theory) mean fewer double-teams. Throw in a shallow talent pool up front and reasonable ADP, and Wake's shaping up as a nice IDP value on the defensive line in 2015.

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Still a couple of pieces missing but hopeful that Long re-signs, bit concerned that it may be at the cost of Bess though. If Bess, goes, it really ruins it imo, but at the minute, it is looking good on paper. Wallace, Hartline, and Bess is a good ...
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I am curious to know what everyone thinks that it will take for the Dolphins to make it to the Super Bowl. What moves need to happen in order for them to step into the playoff race and have a reasonable chance at getting it done?...
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After watching the last few games i believe the dolphins are moving to a pass first philosophy..The first half against greenbay really sticks out to me as we barely run.,. we didnt really try and run till the 4th quarter.. We have the personal to be ...
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