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#11 Tavon Austin, WR    Fantasy Football Injury Status   Probable - Ankle
Los Angeles Rams
Height 5' 8"
Weight 176 lbs
Age 25
Birthdate March 15th 1991
College West Virginia
Year 2013
Round 1   Pick 8
Season Statistics
-- Receiving ---- Rushing --
2012 Fantasy Points by Week
Recent Games
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Strength of Schedule
Strength of Schedule is calculated from the opponents projected fantasy points allowed for the WR position. The easiest rating is 1 which gives the player the advantage against the defense and indicates an easy opponent, the most difficult rating is 10 which gives the defense the advantage and indicates a tough opponent.
Fantasy Analysis
Week 1 Projections
Austin is the best of a mediocre group of veteran WRs. He is quick and elusive and is good for a few catches and also a handful of carries on a weekly basis. He is best suited for PPR leagues and is explosive enough to score any time he touches the ball.
Rushing: 20 Yards, 0 TD.
Receiving: 3 Receptions, 29 Yards, 0 TD.

Season Projections
It took a couple of years, but the Rams have finally figured out how best to use Austin. He's not your typical NFL wide receiver, he's a playmaker. And when you have a playmaker you manufacture ways to get the ball into his hands. That's why in 2015 he set a career-high in rushes with 52 while also setting a career-high with 52 receptions. With emerging superstar Todd Gurley at RB and No. 1 overall draft pick Jared Goff at QB, the Rams are assembling a potent enough offense that should continue to be an effective weapon. The Rams drafted two rookie WRs, Pharoh Cooper and Mike Thomas, who should add some depth behind Austin and Kenny Britt.

Rushing: 1 Yards, 0 TD.
Receiving: 56 Receptions, 760 Yards, 6 TD.

Player News
Injury Report
Preseason - Probable - Ankle
Week 1 - Probable - Personal
Week 15 - Out - Ankle
Week 16 - Out - Ankle
Week 17 - Out - Ankle
Week 18 - Probable - Ankle
Week 20 - Probable - Ankle
Week 21 - Probable - Ankle

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