Tuesday - Sep 17, 2019

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Hey! Aren’t you supposed to be the NFL’s top dual-threat quarterback? How come you didn’t carry the ball when your team needed a touchdown during the closing minutes of Thursday Night Football?

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GRAB BAG: Week 3


The real reason you want to add Mr. Witten to your roster is the Week 3 matchup with the tanking Dolphins. If you're in the more than 80% of leagues where he is available and you're still scrambling from the loss of Hunter Henry or the goose egg from O.J. Howard, #82 is your Week 3 safety net.

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SHOW ME WHERE IT HURTS: Week 2 Injury Fallout


We’ll have to wait for Brees to meet with that hand specialist before we’ll know the extent of the injury, but his inability to return to the game certainly casts doubt on his future availability. If Brees is sidelined for any amount of time, then sixth-year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will be under center.

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Atlanta is at home and an underdog? Say what now? If you want to overreact to Week 1 then sure, that makes sense, but if you understand that Atlanta has one of the very best passing attacks in the league and will be able to throw all over their stadium for chunks of yardage, then you know how silly that line is.

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DFS: Bargain Bin – Week 2


Figuring out which low priced players offer both value and upside separates the sharks from the chum in DFS. Everyone knows who the stars are, and paying up for those guys is necessary to have a solid core to your lineup. But every week, there are players at the lower rungs of salary pricing that can be great additions

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