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5 Up/5 Down – Week 2

Last week, I gave you warnings about Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Peyton Manning and Golden Tate who all struggled in Week 1 action. And I gave you a heads up on Brandon Coleman and Markus Wheaton as some value players. A reminder that this article presents two different groups. The first five are not about studs that will produce, but other players with high potential. The second five are solid players who won’t live up to the “stud” status for that particular week. Let’s dive in!

5 Names To Know That Will Produce in Week 2

Carson Palmer, QB, Arizona – Some of you enjoyed what Aaron Rodgers did to Chicago while others had to be up against him. Either way you look at it, Rodgers did what he usually does and dominated the game. I’m here to tell you that it wasn’t just Rodgers’ play that was the reason for that fantasy stat line. Palmer will get to play that sub-par defense in Week 2 and will show up in a big way like he did against New Orleans in Week 1.

He has a re-vitalize Chris Johnson  (Andre Ellington suffered an MCL injury and we are currently awaiting word on the severity) coming out of the backfield, Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd with height on the outside, and the speedy/elusive John Brown in the slot. Palmer could touch 300 yards with a couple of touchdowns on Sunday against Chicago. Usually, Palmer is a QB2 play, but in Week 2, will have high potential as a QB1.

Isaiah Crowell, RB, Cleveland – Don’t be fooled by the score of the Tampa Bay-Tennessee game from Week 1. That game was two bottom-dweller teams playing it out. What I did see, was what I thought I would from the Tennessee defense. If Tampa Bay didn’t get down so early, Doug Martin may have had 100-plus yards by the end of the game. He was dominating in the first half running the ball against that weak Tennessee defense.

Browns RB Isaiah Crowell.

Cleveland will depend on the run a lot next week if Josh McCown is out and Johnny Manziel is starting. Crowell is a hard-nosed back who will see the between the tackle carries and exploit them in Week 2.

Brandin Cooks, WR, New Orleans – Cooks was somewhat quiet in the first game of the season after being expected to be a break-out player this year. Don’t fear, he will make a big comeback in Week 2 against a team that really struggled with a slot receiver in Kendall Wright from Tennessee. Cooks is a similar player to Kendall Wright with a better quarterback. Drew Brees will see that tape and find Cooks often in their contest with division foe Tampa Bay.

Giovani Bernard, RB, Cincinnati Ameer Abdullah was explosive out of the backfield against San Diego in Week 1. His elusiveness and quickness was something that San Diego couldn’t handle. Bernard is a similar player to Abdullah in his skill set and should see similar success against San Diego. The linebackers for San Diego aren’t very athletic and can’t keep up with or contain quicker backs. Bernard could see a lot of action in the passing game as well.

Maxx Williams, TE, Baltimore – This is a little deeper of a pick here due to what Baltimore will try to establish next week against Oakland. Baltimore needs to find more weapons for Joe Flacco in order to establish a passing offense. I believe the team spreads out its offense a little more and gets Maxx Williams some open space to make plays in the middle of the field. Baltimore moved up in the second round of this year’s draft and expect him to be a playmaker in the offense. I like his athleticism and size against Oakland’s coverage linebackers.

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