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10 Names You Should Know – Week 5

As the first month of the season comes to an end you will find that your fantasy team is either just as good as you hoped it would be or a horrible, horrible disappointment. For those in the latter group, there’s no time to get frustrated. Check around your league and see what you can offer and start reshaping your squad now. The time to sell-high and buy-low is here so take some chances and right this ship. If the Browns can trade away their best player then win two straight, surely you can do the same.

Sure, you completely misjudged every decision you made up to this point but it’s a long season and it gets even longer if you just stand pat and don’t do anything about it. For those of you sitting on the other end of the spectrum with that wide grin on your face, that scent you smell is desperation. The time to take advantage of your fellow league mates who haven’t had the same luck as you is here. As you all begin to wheel and deal, you can supplement your rosters with one or more of this week’s 10 Names You Should Know.

Roy Helu, RB WAS

That collective sigh you heard yesterday was from Alfred Morris owners hearing the news that his ribs were not fractured and that he’s expected to be fine after the Redskins Week 5 bye. With that said, if Helu wasn’t rostered before he will be after yesterday’s scare. Helu was already the back used on passing downs, so once Morris exited, it was all Helu, all the time for the Redskins and he stepped up to the challenge and posted 84 yards and a touchdown on 15 touches in just over a quarter and a half. Albert Morris’ injury may prove to be nothing, but rib injuries have a tendency to linger so getting Helu on your team is highly recommended.

LeGarrette Blount, RB NEP

For those people who wasted a second round pick on Stevan Ridley, I implore you to just skip to the next name in this article. Are they gone? Ok, good. LeGarrette Blount can no longer be ignored. For two weeks in a row Blount has run with more power and passion than any running back in a Patriots’ uniform. When Belichick needed a first down to close out Sunday night’s game against the Falcons, Blount was the man he trusted the most to get it done. Now we never know how Belichick will split up the workload from week to week, but it honestly only makes sense for Blount to wind up as the most valuable Pats’ running back, because it just doesn’t make sense. The more we know, the less we know.

Alex Smith, QB KCC

Alex Smith is the quarterback everyone loves to hate, but after the first month of the season he’s 6th in fantasy quarterback scoring. Alex Smith has scored more fantasy points than Tom Brady, RGIII and Tony Romo. Surprisingly, it’s not the volume of being in an Andy Reid offense that is making him so valuable, as he’s only 20th in the league in pass attempts per game. Alex Smith is genuinely enjoying the best month of his career and shows no signs of slowing down. What Smith lacks in arm strength, he makes up with accuracy, dinking and dunking his Chiefs to a 4-0 record and perhaps more importantly, earning the trust of fantasy owners to plug him into their lineups as a bye-week replacement.

Rashad Jennings, RB OAK

Here we go again. Raiders’ fans and fantasy fans knew they had to get as many starts out of Darren McFadden while the going was good. The severity of McFadden’s hamstring injury isn’t known but if history is any indicator, I think we can all expect the worst and hope for the best. Fan favorite and PPR savior Marcel Reece also suffered a knee injury which leaves Rashad Jennings as the last man standing in the Oakland backfield. Jennings underwhelmed when called upon under similar circumstances last year in Jacksonville and yet he will again likely be depended on to keep his team afloat. I wouldn’t expect much but the Raiders have no choice but to give him as many carries as he can handle which is enough of a reason to roster him.


Matt Cassel, QB MIN

Matt Cassel has been in this position before. He has stepped in for a fallen starter and performed admirably in the past and he did so again this week getting the start in place of the injured Christian Ponder. His 248-yard, 2 TD performance may slow the recovery progress of Ponder’s rib injury as I don’t think the Vikings are going to be rushing him back after the bye. Cassel moved the offense and allowed Greg Jennings to earn his big free agent money. We may need to see how the Vikings proceed, but Cassel finds himself squarely on the QB2 radar if he remains the starter.

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