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10 Things I Think

Wow, oh wow, Tom Brady. He had 517 yards in one game. I know 99 of those came on one play, but it’s still impressive. If he had 22 more passing yards, he would have had 500 more yards than Donovan McNabb. What a way to start the NFL season. As you may or may not have heard, there were 27 hours in NFL history where Cam Newton had a higher career record for total passing yards in a game (422) than Brady, but that changed quick.

I hate to give fantasy advice after just one week of games. It’s just not enough time to get a good look at what guys are doing. There were too many mediocre performances to say who was a bad pick and who just didn’t have a good week. Besides injuries, the season is just starting for players, and it’s just not a big enough sample to make any decisions on whom to cut from your roster. It takes a few weeks for things to materialize.

Since I really won’t be giving you that deep, intelligent fantasy advice this week, here are 10 things I think about week 1.

10 things I think

1. Jimmy Graham, the title belt touchdown dance wasn’t a smart move. Don’t mock Aaron Rodgers until you have your own Super Bowl ring and a Super Bowl MVP award. But please keep scoring touchdowns; I’ve got you as my breakout tight end star.

2. There are a lot of running back by committees shaping up this season. Until injury or a breakout happens, here are the guys that should be seeing a timeshare situation:

  • Mike Tolbert and Ryan Mathews. Tolbert is getting the goal line carries and catches.

3. Watching Tim Hightower run in touchdowns makes me want to scream like the South Park character, “Timmy!” Until Roy Helu learns how to pick up blitz coverage, expect to see a lot of Hightower. Keep Helu on your bench, but don’t drop him yet.

4. I have to pat myself on the back this week. In my hometown league, I drafted Ray Rice and then later took Daniel Thomas. After hearing that Thomas had strained his hamstring and was doubtful, I had to go searching the waiver wire for a pickup, since my other backs are wait-and-see types with no chance of being a fantasy contributor this week. So I picked up Derrick Ward and started him, telling myself that all I needed was around 40 yards and a touchdown out of him and the rest of my lineup could carry me to a win. Ward gets 39 yards and one touchdown before going out with an injury. Score for me. Sure enough, Monday comes, Thomas is inactive and I’ve avoided a big goose egg on my roster. For some reason, spot starting running backs is something I seem to do well. Not that any of you care about this.

5. Tony Romo is un-clutch. The guy is a good quarterback, but he just can’t get it done late in games. The fourth quarter is like his kryptonite. He just starts losing it. Fantasy-wise, his performance was solid, but nothing spectacular, this week. The Dallas Cowboys were playing the New York Jets, who have a pretty darn good passing defense, so I guess his numbers were a sign of good things to come against weaker defenses. From a football perspective, his fourth quarter turnovers and lack of production was pitiful. He’s not losing his job, so there is nothing to worry about, but if you’ve got a close fantasy game going, and you’re relying on Romo to give you an extra push, forget it.

6. I don’t know how much DirecTV paid Deion Sanders to dress-up like a fairy for a national TV commercial, but I hope it was a lot. Either that or Sanders’ bank account must be getting low. Sure I’d do it, but I’m not used to having the kind of money Sanders does. Fantasy writing and my full-time job really aren’t going to make me the type of money that being a NFL football star does.

7. I am not big on Maurice Jones-Drew this year. His knee surgery scares me and I think he’s going to miss time sometime this season. Rashad Jennings was supposed to be the guy relieving Jones-Drew, but he’s now on Injured Reserve. Enter Deji Karim. Karim looks like he could be more than capable of carrying the load after his 14 carries for 33 yards and three catches for 39 yards. If you’ve got the space on your bench and can’t think of who else to grab, I’d keep a spot warm for this guy.

8. If you think Chad Ochocinco is on the downside of his career after only getting one catch for 14 yards on Monday night, you have to remember that he is still learning the playbook. He has been in the same system in Cincinnati for 10 years. It’s going to take him time to adjust.

9. Here are some guys that put up poor performances this week, but should be fine for the season: Rashard Mendenhall, Vincent Jackson, Ben Roethlisberger, Roddy White, Johnny Knox, Chris Johnson, Dwayne Bowe, Larry Fitzgerald, DeAngelo Williams, Percy Harvin, Mario Manningham.

10. If there is anyone who had a bad week and you’ve got your eye on them, try and buy them now. Most owners won’t make a trade this early in the season, but offer one and see what happens. Plus it makes you appear like you don’t know what you’re doing when you know you do. You can use that impression of incompetence to your advantage later when other owners don’t think you know what you’re doing, but you really do.

Don’t go freaking out on yourself just because you lost in Week 1. If your waiver wire is set by worst record it could help you get first crack at some of the guys out there if you had an injury and need to grab someone. It’s going to take a few weeks before you can really see if your team pans out. I lost two of my games this weekend, and I’m still happy with those teams. You should be too. You can’t throw out your weeks of draft prep because of one week. It takes a little time for your team to really show you what they’ve got. Hope y’all enjoyed, and good luck this week.

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