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$100,000 Fantasy Football Frenzy

It has been said that fantasy football is for geeks that couldn’t cut it in real football. I beg to differ. Fantasy Football players come from all walks of life. Big and tall, small and short, boys, girls, women and men. What draws them to this ever lasting phenomenon is football. Football is the passion that has driven this industry to become main stream.

Football is such a staple in people’s lives that fantasy football allows each person to take one step closer to being in the owner’s seat even if for a brief moment. Having the power to make decisions for your team and to help drive your team to the championship. That’s what fantasy football is all about.

Just ask yourself this question quoted from the great Vince Lombardi; “If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?”

With that in mind what every fantasy football player lives for is the Draft. You spend months preparing for those few hours of the excitement of the Draft. With each and every pick you have calculated, reevaluated, read all the information on web sites, magazines, newspapers, even called a few of the stadiums knowing the player you are selecting is the right fit for your team. All this information so you can use your skills just like real football team coaches and make the best selections for your team. Oh yeah, and once in a while you make a SWAG (Sophisticated Wild Ass Guess) just because your gut told you to.

The Draft is an event in itself and once it is over all the hard work will be looked back upon as righteous research for the ultimate, the Fantasy Football League Championship. With that goal in mind what makes it even more justified is competing in national events where the competition can be even tougher and your research as the professional fantasy football player comes to light.

So those of us at Kahuna Sports have this for you to ponder. Come to a place you enjoy, Las Vegas. Pack your bags, all your draft research material and head to Las Vegas on September 4th. As you walk through the door at the Las Vegas Hilton you will know you are prepared to do battle with the other team managers. The smell of football is in the air and you have complete control over your draft in the $100,000 Fantasy Football Frenzy where your skills will be put to the test among 407 other team owners. This is your opportunity to show your peers that you have what it takes to build the winning team, win the championship and take home the huge cash prize.

Don’t let all your hard work and research be wasted on a free league where there is nothing at stake. There is no fun in winning the free league and a keychain or t-shirt. Just like the World Series of Poker, anyone can win with the right skills. This is your opportunity to compete with some of the best fantasy football managers in the nation.
Get your bags packed now and make your travel plans to be in Las Vegas on September 4th. Reserve your team right now for this special inaugural event.

As an added attraction, we have arranged for former Chicago Bear, William “Refrigerator” Perry and former Buffalo Bill, Andre Reed to be at the event to talk football with you. FantasySharks.com site owner Tony Holm will also be at the event.

See you in Las Vegas!

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