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Rookie TE Fantasy Football Rankings

The tight end position is the most mysterious and hardest to gauge in the fantasy football world. Sometimes they are “locks” to be studs in the NFL, like Kellen Winslow, Jr. and then injuries and high expectations turn out to be their downfall. Sometimes they come out of nowhere and surprise us all like Antonio Gates and dominate the NFL for years to come. Come inside as I break down the tight ends from the 2015 draft. The NFL is a wild ride, so let’s jump on board and took a look at this rookie class of tight ends!

2015 Immediate Impact

#1 – Maxx Williams, Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco wanted their tight end situation resolved before entering the 2015 season after receiving more bad news in regards to Dennis Pitta and his recovery. Williams will make an instant impact in 2015 because Flacco likes his tight ends and he will be their No. 1 tight end from Day 1.

#2 – Clive Walford, Oakland Raiders

He is a big athletic target that will aid in the development of quarterback Derek Carr. He can make plays after the catch and will be a tough matchup for defenses. He should have an immediate impact this year.

#3 – Tyler Kroft, Cincinnati Bengals

They didn’t re-sign Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert has been a disappointment so far in his NFL career. Kroft could be their No. 1 tight end going into 2015. He has great hands and the size to be an effective blocker. Don’t sleep on Kroft; the Bengals like to utilize their tight ends, especially in the middle of the field and red zone.

Future Investments

#4 – Jeff Heuerman, Denver Broncos

Heuerman suffered a torn ACL in rookie minicamp and will most likely miss the entire 2015 season. He has good hands and can block, which should allow him to be the Broncos No. 1 tight end of the future. Watch for him to develop in 2016 and possibly be a stud.

#5 – Nick O’Leary, Buffalo Bills

He has the most natural hands I’ve seen for a tight end in years. He can catch anything; reminds me of Jason Witten. Witten took a few years to develop then became a great player and a cornerstone in the Dallas offense. O’Leary’s hands will keep him in the league for a long time.

#6 –MyCole Pruitt, Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are looking for weapons to aid in the development of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Pruitt was brought in to be developed into an athletic tight end to stretch the field. He needs time to truly, but could see some time in 2015.

#7 – Jesse James, Pittsburgh Steelers

Even though Steelers fans never want Heath Miller to leave, he is getting older. James is a developmental project with upside who could see the field this year, but will most likely get his chance in 2016.

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