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1st Half Fantasy Football Awards

With the season halfway over, it’s time to take stock of all that’s transpired.  It’s been a crazy season filled with heroic running backs out of nowhere, 1st round busts, a record breaking season in Denver and a tsunami of injuries, which seem to get worse by the week.  I’m here to give out some awards for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Let’s start things off with the most important award, Fantasy Football’s MVP.

Fantasy Football MVP

I’m not going to give it to
Peyton Manning
though, I realize he’s scored the most points and most other analysts will probably give him this award.  Look, he’s had a phenomenal, record breaking season.  I own him in a league and I’m fully aware of how he is the ultimate difference-maker in weekly fantasy football games. The bajillion points Manning scores every week helps to make up for a multitude of weaknesses on a team.  You got a weak RB2 or an injured wide receiver?  No problem, if you’ve got Manning on your team.  In the vast majority of weeks, he will put your team on his back and he will win your game for you.

But he was drafted in the early rounds last August, in the late 2nd, 3rd rounds.  If I had told you a couple months ago that Manning was going to have a great season, you wouldn’t have been shocked.  You wouldn’t be surprised because when you spend a super early pick on
Peyton Manning
you expect him to be great.  There’s no doubt about it that Manning has exceeded even his own lofty expectations but the fact is that he had high expectations to begin with and that is why he was so expensive to draft in the first place.

No, to find my Fantasy Football MVP, I’m not going to look at the quarterback position but I am going to stay with the Denver Broncos.  Right team, wrong position.  The Most Valuable Player in Fantasy Football is hands down, no doubt in my mind,
Knowshon Moreno

What if I had told you a couple months ago that a running back, drafted in the 10th round, would have
more points

Adrian Peterson

Arian Foster

CJ Spiller

Alfred Morris

?  What would you say to that?  You wouldn’t  believe me.  You’d probably say something like, “And you somehow write for a fantasy football web site, huh?”

The reality is we’re talking about a top-five running back, drafted at dirt cheap in the 10th round, whose been an every week starter for owners, 413 rushing yards, 23 receptions for 198 receiving yards and eight touchdowns.  Running back is still the most valuable position in the game and Moreno has been the biggest steal of 2013.  In a season filled with high profile 1st round running back busts, Moreno continues to shine.

Darren Sproles


During the offseason, the San Diego Chargers talked about how they were going to use free agent acquisition
Danny Woodhead
the way the New Orleans Saints uses
Darren Sproles
. Seven
games later, Woodhead is leading the league in receptions by a running back (40) and has become a RB1/RB2 in PPR leagues. 

Every once in a while, an imitation is better than the original.  We saw this many decades ago when Burger King became a better restaurant than McDonalds and we’re seeing it again with Woodhead and Sproles.  Woodhead has double the amount of touchdowns than Sproles, more receptions and somehow more rushing yards.  Woodhead has also been a lot more consistent, scoring seven or more points in four straight games.  Sproles did most of his damage in one game this season, in three others he had five points or less.  Sometimes the Whopper is just better than the Big Mac, my friends.

Best Team Destroyer

This shameful award goes to
Josh Freeman

and it’s not even close.  To win this award, you have to be so awful that you make all the fantasy players on your NFL team depress in value, creating a disastrous domino effect.  While Freeman was still playing for the Buccaneers, he was helping destroy the Tampa Bay offense, thus depressing the value of 1st round bust
Doug Martin
Vincent Jackson
numbers also suffered as they got worse week after week ending up with three catches for 34 yards on Freeman’s last week before getting sent packing.

For most Team Destroyers out there, ruining the fantasy values of one team of players is more than enough.  Not for Freeman though, whose insatiable hunger to destroy the fantasy dreams of owners everywhere has led him to the Minnesota Vikings and 1st overall fantasy pick
Adrian Peterson
  With Freeman as his quarterback, Peterson rushed for 28 yards on 13 carries, season lows.  If I’m an A.P. owner right now, I’m starting to get scared.

Best Waiver Wire Wonder of the Year

This one was a tough choice because I think that
Keenan Allen

has a legit argument for winning this fake award.  What prevented me from giving it to him is that he did zilcho in the first two weeks of the season and only really started to get going in Week 5.

Instead, I’m giving the Best Waiver Wire Wonder of the Year award to a player, whose been good since Week 1.  We’re talking about a top-15 QB, whose scored over 19 points in five of his last six games. 
Terrelle Pryor

is my pick for Waiver Wire Wonder of the year.  He’s also been one of the most mobile QBs in the league, ranking 3rd in rushing with 289 rushing yards, averaging 57 rushing yards a game.  His numbers are a bit skewed because he missed a game due to a concussion and he’s already had his bye week but make no mistake, he’s been the best undrafted player in fantasy land this year.

Biggest Bust

So many names to choose from.  With an award such as this, I have to look to the first round of fantasy drafts last August to find my “winner.”  This was a tough choice between
Ray Rice

CJ Spiller
  Rice has more points than Spiller and he’s played one less game.  In his last three games, Rice has averaged 10 points.  Spiller’s at a little over eight points a game.  It is with this thinnest of margins that I’m calling Spiller, drafted as a top-five overall pick, the Biggest Bust of the season.  He’s currently the

running back in scoring.  He’s already had three games this year where he scored seven or less points.  He’s been battling injuries all season and he’s been horrendous.  One of the biggest busts in recent memory.

Worst Fantasy Player

Roddy White
of my beloved Falcons, has been the worst fantasy player this season.  His first offense was hiding the fact that he had a high ankle sprain in the preseason, which would have drastically changed his fantasy value in drafts last August, if owners would’ve known.  His second offense was playing through this injury, basically forcing his owners to start him, and averaging 2.8 catches for 25.8 receiving yards during the first five games of the season.  White’s been torturing his owners all season long and that’s what makes him the worst.

Good Hunting!

Ed Bonfanti

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